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As your dog’s unique personality unfolds, you’ll come to find out what sorts of activities your pet likes best. When we play with our dogs, we are increasing their bond to us, stimulating them mentally and encouraging stretching and exercising of muscles. By definition, a game should be something that is fun so here are some fun games to play with your dog this summer. 

1) Playing with a stick that has a rope attached on its end

This has a long stick to which a rope is knotted, right at its end. The rope has a lure attached to it which excites a dog to run after it. Make sure you allow your dog to grab the lure and let him win as this will keep them engaged and the activity will be fun because of the increased involvement from both the ends. 

2) Tug of war

Involving your dog in playing tug of war can really be interesting and fun full activity. This is played with the help of a rope ending with a lure. The lure is chased by the dog and once he will get to grab it the game will begin. The basic rule says that if a dog’s teeth will touch your hand while pulling the rope then you’ll lose. And letting your dog win will definitely be enthusiastic as this makes a dog feel much happier and builds up the confidence to take more participation. 

3) By playing frisbee

Starting the game by playing with a soft small disc would be a great option since the original frisbee is quite hard which might hurt your dog. Once your dog will get to know that he is supposed to run and dive in order to chase the frisbee, it will be a fun and exciting game.   

4) Use bubbles

Dogs are fond of playing with bubbles. They pay keen interest in chasing and bursting the bubbles. The activity is fun to do but please ensure that you use nontoxic soap bubble solution that does not harm your dog. As the bubbles burst too close to the eyes and nose of the dogs. 

5) Create Your Own Agility Course

You can create some quick and easy-going activities and games for your dog. This is also a kind of personal training as one knows their dogs better than anybody else so according to your compatibility with your pet, this can be carried out.

6) By using Kong stuffed toys

It keeps your dog busy, and it can be stuffed with many, many tasty treats. It’s durable for both pups and dogs with super-strength. This makes your dog very happy and stress-free.

7) By playing some water games

Taking your dog near the beach and doing some water activities together, like playing with toys can be fun. But for those who don’t have a beach around them can have a small pool as the dog loves splashing the water and floating in it. 

8) By playing find the treats with your dogs

It’s a game based on their sense of smell. Dogs love to seek treats hidden by their parents. Even if you choose to pick the same hiding spots they would love to seek and find out the treats. 

9) By using a digging box

Some dogs love to dig and this is a fun task for them to do. Therefore by having a digging box for your dog would be a great option. You can also put your dog’s favorite toy inside the box as this will encourage him to dig more and the game will become more exciting.

10) By playing hide and seek

You can begin the game by letting your dog stay in a spot and then you can hide. After this you may call your dog or by encouraging him with sweet words. This will let your dog feel more energetic and he will put all the zeal to seek you by using his tracking sense.