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A language is a tool through which we connect to our fellow beings in general life. Communication is the key to healthy relationships. The same goes for the relationship with your pooch. A great way to not let any misunderstanding or gap come in between you and your pooch is to teach them some basic commands which will act as a foundation on which the communication with your dog can take shape

This will help your dog to understand more clearly what you want him to do. With the command, your pooch can easily identify the action and can also be rewarded for following it. 

So there are these 7 commands which your dog ought to know!

  1. Sit

The most basic and important command of all is "Sit". The sit command means the dog’s hips are on the ground while the shoulders are upright. The dog should remain in position until released. It will help you to manage all the excitement and anxiety in your dog

  2. Come

The come command in dog training means stop what you’re doing, ignore distractions, and go directly to the owner. It will help you to keep your dog always with you and prevent him from getting lost or going far away from you.

  3. Stay

In this command, your dog remains in the position while the owner walks away from the dog and the dog holds still until he’s released. This command will not only help your dog to attain self-control but will also help you to manage ruckus

  4. Leave it

This command can come hand to stop your pooch from playing with dangerous objects.

Telling your dog to "leave it" means to ignore what you’re paying attention to; whether it’s food on the floor or the dogs barking next door. 

  5. Down

The down command, although, is a little difficult to learn yet can prove to be of immense value, It will help you to calm down your dog in anxious situations. In dog training, the down command means to lie down on the floor (or ground) and hold that position until released.

  6. Yes

A yes command is a way to tell your pooch his actions are correct. This command can be followed by another command like Good boy/girl which will act as praise and will further motivate good behavior.

  7. Heel

Every owner loves a walk with his pooch. A great way to make sure that the walk is smooth is to teach your pooch the heel command. It teaches your pet to walk next to you, instead of in front. Its head is even with your knee. This command will teach your dog how to walk properly on a leash.

All of this will take time to teach and learn. Meanwhile, just be patient and don't forget to reward your pooch every time he/she can follow the command. Visit www.bonbeno.for the best treats and correct nutrition of your pet.