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Cats are observational learners. This learning emerges at an early age of cats. Evil? A strong word for a cute little pet. I know how this animal is a little sophisticated and choosey at times when it comes to its comfort and environment. Let’s look at a few instances of how cats socialize.


Cats have altruistic behavior amongst each other and tend to protect their territory (usually male cats). When strange cats meet, ideally they would cautiously allow the strange cat to smell its hindquarters, but this does not happen very often. Usually, when strange cats meet, one cat makes a sudden movement that puts the other cat into a defensive mode. The cat will then draw in on itself and prepare to attack if needed. Hence, Dominance is an underlying factor of how conspecifics interact with each other.


Cats have learned how to develop their vocals in order to converse with humans, in which they try to tell humans what they want. Cats vocalize to other cats. Hisses and spits, warn other cats to keep their distance. It may be noted that a "hiss" is less about the sound and more about the showing of teeth along with their stance. Another way that cats and humans interact is through what people call "head bunting" in which a cat rubs its head on a human in order to leave their scent, mark to claim territory, and create a bond. Cats may need to be reintroduced or separated to avoid fights in a closed household.

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