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Bringing home a dog is no less than bringing home a baby. Your dog requires utmost care, attention and grooming. While a professional grooming session is always the best for your dog, a few steps at home can help keep your dog look healthy and great. A grooming session needs a good grooming kit with all the essentials which will keep the coat of your pooch soft and shiny.

The most important products for the kit are :

  1. Shower and bath accessories

Although daily bathing can strip off the natural oils of your dog, nevertheless, a frequent bathing sessions are important to save your dog from all the dirt and dust and keep it clean. Use Bio Clean Dry Bath or Rubber Bath Glove for a better experience. 

  2. Toothbrush

Regular teeth brushing is the only way to help combat periodontal disease, and if your pet has bad breath, then it is a sure sign of a dental problem. Your vet will be happy to recommend specialist pet toothbrushes and toothpaste – just ask!

  3. Nail Clippers 

Today, with many suburban and urban dogs increasingly confined indoors when their owners are at work, and running mostly on soft surfaces such as lawns when they are outdoors, this welcome friction is often absent in their daily lives. For better nail grooming use Nail Clipper Taiwan, Nail Grinder Battery Operated, Nail Cutter from one of the best stores for pets, BonBeno.

  4. Ear cleaners

Ears can be a concern for a number of different breeds who are more susceptible to infections and parasites. They should be clean and odor-free. Anything that looks red, swollen or has an unpleasant smell, plus any sign of infestation by mites or ticks, should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Try Complete Grooming Dog for best results.

  5. Brushes and Combs

Regular brushing removes dirt, dandruff and dead hairs from your pet and in kittens and cats can also cut back on the number of hairballs that they ingest. It also prevents tangles and matting which can lead to pain and infections. Brushing also stimulates the natural oils in your pets’ fur, which are then spread across the coat leaving it with a glossy and healthy. Rely on Furminator Deshedding Comb or Furminator Self Clean Deshedding Comb for your convenience.

  6. Hair clippers

Your dog needs a haircut or makeover just like you do. Hair clipping becomes more important for dogs with long or thick fur. Living with a thick fur sometimes becomes very difficult for a dog in hot summer days.

  7. Deodorizer

Nobody can stop dogs from jumping in a poof of mud and getting stains very often. A good stain removal and deodorizer will help you to keep your dog in perfect shape like Bio Clean Deo ,also available in different types.

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