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It might sound pointless when we say cats and dogs can be friends but, it is possible to help cats and dogs get along and co-exist together. In fact, there is even a possibility of them becoming good friends. But you might think that Why even problems are there? Or why they both are best at ignoring each other? The answer to this is simply your approach of introducing cats and dogs to each other.

In an ideal situation, one would get a puppy and a kitten at the same time. If this happens, it becomes easy for them to adjust as they both are new to the living arrangements. But, when you already have a dog or a kitten staying in your home, it becomes a matter of their territory and protecting it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that don’t bring the animal home and just put them on the animal already residing in your house. So what should be done to solve this problem?

  1. Separate the two animal
    At first, separate the two animals. Let the pet residing in the house be free to rule the house and keep the new pet in an isolated room. Try giving equal love, care and time to both. Play with them as much as you can as this is the initial stage for friendship.
  2. Let them be curious.
    Both will be aware of each other indirectly through sounds and scents and might get curious. Let them be curious.
  3. Wait for appropriate behavior.
    When their behavior is neutral and are getting more curious about each other, give them little treats. Also, you can exchange their pillows or blankets so that they get familiar with each other’s scent.
  4. Prepare them for a face-to-face introduction.
    The first time you want to introduce them should be when they have a door or window in between them. This way they can see each other but not attack each other. Do this 2-3 times before actually making them meet.
  5. Face-to-face interaction without barriers.
    Now is a little tough part when you have to make them meet without barriers in between If you find things not going well between them, you can always intervene in between and put them in their respective separate rooms.

Things To keep in When Introducing Dogs And Cats:

  1. Breed of the dog
    Some dog breeds are more excitable than others. Make sure your pet dog is calm enough to overcome unwanted behavior.
  2. Dog training
    Dog training is much required when you have a cat to live with them so that they can recognize commands like “stay”, “sit” and “no”.
  3. Separate their feeding areas.
    They should learn and also understand what is theirs and what isn’t. They should also not bother each other when eating. Try keeping the cat food at a higher place or level.
  4. Separate them when they’re unsupervised.
    If you are going for a period of time, it is advisable that you separate both of them and then leave the house. The task of introducing a cat and a dog might take time and a lot of patience but, it is not impossible. Even humans don’t connect or become friends the very first time they meet each other, these are still animal.