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Can Your Dog Eat Watermelon?

Can Your Dog Eat Watermelon?

Can Your Dog Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon tops the list of fruits when it comes to dealing with the scorching heat of summers. A bite of it relieves of all the dehydration and thirst. While watermelon comes with a lot of health benefits for the human body the question comes is can you feed watermelon to your pooch? 

You will be excited to know that you can bless your dog with watermelon but it is important to take certain precautions so the fruit doesn’t become a cause of any problem to your pooch.  

Beware of the seeds and rinds

Your pooch lacks the intelligence of segregating the seeds from the fruit on his own. Try to Separate the seeds so that it doesn’t block your dog's intestine. Grinding a lot of seeds may upset your dog’s digestive system.

Your Dog may also eat the rind of the fruit which is the inside green part of the melon. This part is pretty firm and thus hard to chew for your dog. So your dog may swallow rind which can be a reason for intestinal blockage in your dog's body.

If you notice any sign of blockage or discomfort like vomiting, lethargy in your dog, straight away inform your vet and seek the required advice to prevent any serious complications.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

The fruit is packed with a lot of nutrients ranging from Vitamin A, B6 and C. The fruit is not only cholesterol and fat-free but will also provide you with the required hydration on a hot summer day. 

Although sugar is present in watermelon the amazing amount of fiber present in the fruit provides the necessary insulation to sugar thus preventing its quick release in the bloodstream.

Watermelon also contain lycopene an antioxidant which is believed prevents from cancer & also protect from hair loss and skin diseases. About 92% of the fruit is just water so you and your pooch can hog on without any guilt of getting fat! Although the fruit comes with a lot of benefits yet too much of it can be bad also. Make sure it doesn’t become the major part of your dog's diet and try to exercise moderation while feeding it to your dog.

The best way to feed Watermelon to your pooch


It’s always advisable and better to consult your dog's vet whenever you are planning to introduce any human food to his diet. And finally when you receive a thumbs up the question comes what is the best way to give him the treat.

Firstly remove all seeds and rind from the fruit, then cut it into small cubes which are easy to chew for your dog you can also freeze these cubes and that will be the perfect summer treat.

 All your creativity can come into play and you can also add other fruits like blueberries if you wish to. Lastly, Always choose naturally grown watermelons and never go for substitutes of watermelon as they will be filled with artificial ingredients and a lot of sugar which will destroy the idea of healthy eating.