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Cats love Christmas trees, many cat owners won't be surprised. Some of the cats are very enthusiastic climbers, and a lit-up tree offers a call, they won’t be able to combat. Others are fascinated by sparkly embellishments. 

If you’ve bought a real Christmas tree and your cat tends to nip or play, you’ll need to be careful of your cat ingesting any elements of it. Oils produced by these trees can be virulent, they can make your cat ailing. Fertilizers are the main source that can harm your cats. You’ll also need to make sure you pick up any settled pins to save them damaging sensitive cat claws.

Decorations also present hazards for cats at Christmas. Hanging baubles can look like fun toys for felines, and glass baubles, in particular, can shatter easily. Tinsel can cause serious illness if ingested due to the blockages they can cause. It some cases, this can even be fatal.

Christmas lights can also be dangerous to cats and should be used safely. Cover any wires leading to the tree by using plastic or cardboard tubes, and also switch your Christmas lights off at the mains when you’re not home.

How to make your Christmas tree cat-safe

Our guide on Christmas trees for cat owners ensures your cat is kept safe, and your tree stays intact

  • Get a sturdy base so that it doesn't fall.
  • Display hangings at the top.
  • Avoid decorations that might break easily
  • Switch your Christmas lights off at the mains when you’re away.
  • Be careful with tinsel, make sure these are nowhere near your cat.
  • Don’t place any presents for your cat under the tree.
  • Supervise them near the tree.

Poisonous plants at Christmas

You will find various plants at this time of the year– from gorgeous poinsettias to lilies and flowers embellished with berries. You might be enticed to present them in your apartment or you might want to give them. What you might not be aware of is that many of these plants can be toxic to cats, causing illness and in some cases, even death.

Which Christmas plants are poisonous to cats?

  • Lilies (even small amounts of pollen) All lilies are poisonous including Easter lily, tiger lily or Oriental lilies
  • Poinsettia plants can cause stomach irritation
  • Berries from mistletoe and holly cause poisoning if ingested
  • Amaryllis plants
  • Dumb cane or leopard lily (Dieffenbachia) generate mouth irritation

Contact your vet urgently if you understand or presume your cat has eaten any poisonous plants.

Leaving your cat over the Christmas period

If you’re traveling over the Christmas period, you might be concerned about what to do with your cat while you’re away. Here we have two options for you to consider– either engaging them into a cattery or holding a cat-sitter who could attend your cat while you are busy.

Getting a cat sitter

You could choose a friend, a neighbor or family member who can visit at least twice a day, making sure your cat is safe and well-fed. Alternatively, you could book a learned pet session service to watch them.

Before you go anywhere, don't forget to leave your emergency contact details, as well as the details of your vet, enough cat litter, food and medication for the time you’re away.