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Rubbing against the legs, knead our laps or look in the eyes and purr can be the signs of love and affection from our feline friend. Yet there are things which we might not like about our kitty. Like every problem comes with the solution so don’t worry this problem also came with the solution.

Bonbeno is here with some common cat problems and their solutions


It may seem like the kitty is your couch and curtains to annoy you but actually, she is really doing it to work off energy, to play, to mark her territory, even to get rid of frayed bits of claw. To prevent this buy your cat a scratching post, then dab it a bit of catnip on the posts to entice your kitty to use them.

Cat Aggression

The cat may become aggressive due to many problems like illness, overcrowding, lack of socialization, maternal protection, even simple play. To avoid this discuss the problem of aggression with the vet they might figure out the exact reason.

Nighttime Activity

Before domestication cats were nocturnal so this is very common in cats. To make your kitty understand that night time is for sleeping you can tire and relax her with a good playtime session. If your cat is very active during nights then you might consult your vet. There might be something wrong.

Yowling Of Cat In Heat

When a female cat is in heat, she'll often become very affectionate and vocal, meowing and yowling as she attempts to alert a potential mate of her fertile status. Likewise, a male cat may become talkative when he's hearing or smelling a female cat in heat. This yowling and other mating behaviors may repeat themselves every 18-24 days throughout a cat's eight-month breeding season. Unless you know kitty is just trying to be a mooch, never ignore these vocal pleas -- and never punish them, which results only in making kitty afraid and doesn't address the real reason he or she is meowing. Armed with a little help from the pros and a bit of patience, you and your cat companion can live together in perfect harmony.

Observe these few problems in your cat and if there is anything serious then consult the vet regarding the problem.