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A balanced diet and good nutritious food is the key to your pooch's health. Just like our body, a dog’s body needs to be served with the perfect amount of proteins, cabs and roughage to grow properly. Every Dog is unique and have different bodily requirements as far as their food is concerned, much depends on the physique, stature and built of a dog.

In today’s time, it is no rocket science to find the best food for your breed. With so many options available in the market all you have to do is just look and order. While buying food for your pooch, you must look for the specific breed requirements so that no compromise is made on your canine’s health.

While looking for your dog's food, give utmost attention to labels like for small and large breed dogs. This is important as there are significant differences in the amount of various nutrients they both need. The Association of American feed officials has provided guidelines about the amount of phosphorus that a small and large breed dog needs.

Nutrition needs of small breed dogs

Smaller breeds are more energetic and active and hence they have a very fast metabolism which means that their body can digest food at a faster pace than a large breed dog. In short you have to feed your small pupper calorie rich food which will prevent him from developing weakness and other problems.

You can try Drools Vet Pro Puppy Dog Food for your dog’s steady growth.

Nutrition needs of large breed dogs

The major problem with large breed dogs is that they can easily develop joint problems like dysplasia so it is essential that their diet must contain required ratios of phosphorus and calcium.

Royal Canin Mini Adult Gravy might be the right choice here!

Apart from the difference between small and large breed dogs, another thing to look for is whether you’re buying food for a puppy or an adult dog.

Nutrition needs of a puppy and an adult dog

Puppies are in a growing phase of their lives so naturally their body will need more protein, fats, calcium than an adult dog. Try Purina Supercoat Puppy With Chicken  for your puppy and maybe Drools German Shepherd Adult  for your adult German Shepherd.

The biggest primary difference between puppy food (growth and reproduction recipes) and adult (maintenance) food relates to protein. Puppy food should derive 22.5% of their calories from protein sources, while adult foods need only 18% of their calories from protein.

Adults can certainly tolerate the higher protein levels of puppy food, but it may lead to weight gain, due to the higher amount of protein calories.

However, puppies will often suffer from developmental problems if fed an adult food and deprived of the proteins they require.

With the plethora of options available, it is important to keep the individual breed needs in mind to choose the best high quality food available for you pooch. You with the due consultation from your dog's should take care of the specific Health conditions from which your pooch is suffering before selecting his food. Moreover, the dietary needs of a lactating dog are very much different.

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