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It is that time of the year again, the air is getting drier, temperatures stooping low and our dogs getting ill, taking a toll on their health and your pocket. It can be cumbersome for you to look after their health due to the sudden changes of the season. Just because your dogs have a coat of fur, doesn’t mean they can tolerate the low temperatures better than you, they need extra care and warmth too.

Here are 5 tips that will keep your furry friend cozy and warm in these winters :

  • Temperature Check : For some dogs, it’s easy to bear the cold and harsh winds due to their thick fur coat but many dog breeds like Boston Terrier and Dalmations  have thin fur coating. The ones with thin fur might need a dog sweater that can provide them extra warmth.

  • Snuggly Bedding : Do not, we repat, do not let your pooch sleep on cold floors this season as it can be both uncomfortable and sickness triggering. Warm blankets and heated pet beds can assure them a good and comfortable nap. Make sure you look for cute accessories for their bedding here

  • Limit outdoor activities : As fun as it is for your dogs and you, outdoor activities like playing and roaming can make your dog fall ill in no time. Make sure you decrease the play time outdoors and have more fun inside your space.

  • Food Monitoring : Overfeeding in love sounds right? No, it doesn’t. Overfeeding your dogs can shoot up the calorie intake which can make them super lazy and lethargic that can lead to other health problems. Monitor the calories your pooch intakes everyday without fail. Discover from the great variety of food for your pooch here

  • Paw Care : You must be familiar with the feeling when your foot is tucked out of a blanket and you cannot sleep because your feet is super cold. This is no different with dogs as the paws are super susceptible to frostbite. Make sure to take special care of your dog’s paws by cleaning them regularly and making sure they’re covered while he/she is fast asleep.

No matter what season it is, our dogs should get all the love they deserve but this is the time you get more careful and keep them healthy throughout.