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Any strange behavior or subtle changes in cats is a matter of concern. This is so because cats are really good at hiding the illness. These early signs of disease in cats will help you out in giving proper and immediate medical treatment.

1)    Vomiting – Rare vomiting is not a risk but regular ones or vomiting per weak needs attention.

2)    Diarrhea – This may lead to dietary indiscretion, intestinal parasites, etc. Moreover, if neglected then dehydration and further intestinal inflammation may cause. A medical checkup is must in such cases.

3)    Loss of appetite – In this sign, you have to notice the way your cat is eating because it’s normal to have weight loss. If your cat is skipping the whole meal or is only in taking very few bites then this might be the symptoms of fatty liver or hepatic lipidosis.

4)    Increased appetite – Hypothyroidism can be caused if the weight comes on suddenly. The Vet will confirm this after performing the test and if not this, then it might be overeating and obesity.

5)    Lethargy – If you find your cat in a state of tiredness, talking more sleep than regular or lack of energy then this is the sign of something going on with your cat’s health.

6)    Increased thirst – Excess water consumption might lead to problems with the kidneys or urinary tract. Have a talk with your Vet regarding the same cause this can be something serious.

7)    Changes in urination – Look for the signs such as quantity of urine, inappropriate urination, or blood in the urine. These symptoms may lead to kidney problems or urinary tract issue.

8)    Changes in breathing – Breathing with a whistling or rattling sound in the chest, heavy breathing, shortness in breathing, or raspy breathing any of these is a sign of a problem.

9)    Discharge from eyes or nose – This should not be ignored because it’s the sign for an upper respiratory infection. The symptoms also carry improper intake of food and illness in cats. Quick treatment is required as it is also contagious to other cats.

10)  Ear debris or discharge – This is the indication that your cat might have an ear infection or parasites like ear mites. Delay in treatment can affect the eardrum and make your cat restless.

11)  Skin irritation or hair loss – Chronic disease have the same symptoms like skin rashes, redness of the skin, hair loss. These results in pain and itching which is disturbing for your cat’s health.

12)  Increased vocalization – It’s the way by which cats indicates that they are either sick, in pain, stressed or facing boredom.

13)  Over-grooming – This is an early sign for a skin related issue or pain. Take your appointment and know the roots of it

14)  Swelling – If you see swelling in a particular area then provide heat to it as it can be a wound or an abscess. The tumor can also happen if it doesn’t get healed in 2 or 3 days.

Bad breathe – This may lead to a dental problem and your cat’s teeth must be checked soon to avoid the problem to get an increase.