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What we see happening is a transition from pets being ‘man’s best friend’ to ‘family’s favorite child.People want to take the best care of their pets, like they are a member of the family.This transition has brought in the emerging trend of pet parties. These parties are mainly organized to make pets familiar to each other and more social . 

Now, brands beyond the pet sector are catering to this growing demographic of pet parents. Let's look at a few steps of planning a party for your favorite bud -

Think About Your Guest List

The first step to any party is deciding who will be attending. Is your pet skittish around children? Do you know of any friends with animal allergies? If you would like your pet to feel a part of the party you’ll want to be sure that the people you invite are comfortable with your pet – and won’t cause him any anxiety. A fun idea would be to extend an invitation to your friends’ pets too, just make sure to include the wording “friendly pets welcome” on the invite.

Choose a Pet-Friendly Location

Even if that means you dedicate a room in your house to your four-legged friends.  A safe environment will ensure a good time for all. Keep the area clear of party food trays and set the area far enough away from doors leading outside. Also, crack a window or turn on a fan so that the pets stay cool and don’t overheat with all of the excitement. If you really want your pets to enjoy the party – and the weather cooperates – think about choosing an outdoor locale like your backyard or a local vineyard that welcomes pets and has fenced yards.

Mind Your Menu

Certain foods can be toxic to pets, including chicken bones, chocolate and raisins – which you can find in many cookies, cakes and even stuffing. Keep these items off the menu and let guests know that you’d appreciate it if they would not bring along any food that could cause harm to your pet. Boneless pieces of turkey, sweet potatoes are all pet-safe foods. You can also serve up some chow specifically for your pet, order a pet cake or make your own home-baked treats.

Let Pets Mingle

If you do invite other pets to your party—dogs specifically in this case—remember our pups are social creatures and often enjoy the company of humans and each other. Let your pups greet your guests and interact with other dogs throughout the evening.

Hand Out Parting Gifts

Having a special toy or treat for after-the-party is a sweet idea to reward your pet, keeping the experience positive, he’ll be excited for the next bash! 

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