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We all need stimulation in our lives, and dogs are no different from humans.  In fact, for our canine pals, toys are every bit as much an essential supply as food, a bed or crate, and other basic necessities.  Here are a few of the most important physical and psychological benefits of toys for dogs!

Dog toys promote healthy teeth and gums. 

You can even buy specialized chew toys which help your dog to clean their teeth.  Dental knot ropes are perfect for this purpose. Your dog will not only enjoy stronger teeth and gums, but also less plaque.  That can lead to fresher breath—and that is a benefit for you. On top of that, your dog is a lot less likely to chew up your furniture and pillows and cushions if you have provided her with a chew toy.  This saves you from getting your house torn apart!


Toys provide dogs with exercise.

Every dog needs daily exercise to stay in prime physical condition.  You can help your pet with this by taking him out on walks and playing with him in the backyard, but your dog probably still needs additional exercise beyond what you can provide (especially if you are a busy pet owner).  Dog toys can help your pet to get that indispensable exercise.


Dog toys alleviate boredom.

Nothing is harder to deal with than a bored, fidgety, anxious pet.  If you were penned up all day without stimulation, wouldn’t you get bored?  Dogs need activity in their lives.  If you are working a lot (in or out of the house), you cannot always provide all the fun and excitement. 

Toys stimulate intelligence and facilitate development.

For intelligent dog breeds, mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation.  These breeds need to do more sophisticated activities. You will find a lot of puzzle games for example which will dispense a treat once a dog is successful. 

Here are a few toys that we suggest:

Squeaker Bone

When you leave the house, it can be a good idea to leave a “squeak” toy for your dog, such as our Squeaker Bone.

This will give your dog the feeling that the toy is interacting with it when you are out, and will help prevent boredom and loneliness.

Kong range

Another good toy to consider is the Kong range. These are toys that can be tightly packed with food and treats to keep your dog entertained for hours as he tries to lick the goodies out.

Knotted Rope tug-of-war toys

When you are home with your dog we suggest Knotted Rope tug-of-war toys. This strengthens the bond between you and your dog and also helps him to develop strong teeth and muscles.

Tennis Balls and Rubber Frisbees

When you are out for a walk with your pooch, any toy that your dog can chase is a fantastic idea. Toys suitable for this include Tennis Balls and Rubber Frisbees.

If you need any help to pick out the best toys for your puppy or dog do not hesitate to ask any member of BonBeno, visit www.BonBeno.com for more. We’ll always be happy to help!