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If you want to knowhow intelligent is your dog?Then perform the below-mentioned easy exercises to test his brain power.

Mark Observation – Choose a different time from your usual time to walk with your dog. Act normally as you do at your regular timing. For instance, pick your home key, dog’s leash etc. Then do nothing and stand quietly at your position and away from the door. Rate your dog’s reaction from the scale of 1-5. Mark 1 if he gives no attention at all and 5 for obviously standing up and coming near the door

Judging Problem Solving Skills – Display your four-legged friend his favourite treat or food and then place it in an empty cane of tin. Place the container in the ground and judge your dog on the basis of his reaction. Mark 1 if he shows no interest, mark 2 if he takes about a minute to get the food and similarly 5 if he takes less than 5 seconds to find it.

Short Term Memory Test – Ask anybody to hold your dog in the middle of the room. Show hima desirable morsel of food and then hide it in any corner of the room which is reachable for your dog. Afterwards, take your dog outside the room and bring him back in after a few seconds. Now watch if your dog’s memory is capable enough to remind him about the food. Rate 0 for no interest, 1 if he tries but isn’t able to find within 45 seconds, between 2-4 depending on how actively he reacts to seek, and 5 if he quickly finds it.

Long Term Memory Test – This test is similar to the short term memory test. You only have to change the place where you had to hide the food and secondly take your outside the room for more than a couple of minutes. Marking will be done as same the above.

Language Comprehension Test –Place your dog at least 2 metres away from you. Speak 2-3 random words in the same pitch of your voice that you use usually to call your dog. Call ”school”, if no response , call ”movies”. If no response, call your dog’s name.

Mark 1 for no response, 2-3 if he comes for random words, 4-5 if he comes slowly or quickly when called his name.


0-1 = Poor intelligence skills

2-3 =Average intelligence skills

4-5 =Good intelligence skills