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Educating your canine friend the ”sit command” is one of the easiest and quick to learn the kind of behaviour you can teach. Plus, it's generally examined and known as the first command in basic compliance training. First and foremost, to begin the training process you are required to establish and build a healthy and understanding relationship between you and your wagging tail.

There are several methods which typically works better for little puppies while others are more considered for older, less energetic dogs. Let us unfold the basic steps one by one.

1.Take it slowly – Your little puppies are more prone to get easily distracted and have slightly less attention span than the older dogs. Ensure to give your dogs to have a break during the training process.

2.Opt for the appropriate environment – Provide your dog with a comfortable place where there are very minor chances of getting distracted.

3.Say no to outdoor training – It becomes a bit hard to train your dogs outside. This is because of the chances of diversion increases and results in making up a difficult training process.

4.Read your dog’s mood – If your dog is actively participating in the training session then absolutely it’s good to go. On the contrary, if your four paws start getting a distraction, take a break.

5.Get treats for him – Surely you’ll have to or you’ll give many-many treats to your dog while teaching him. Make sure to obtain a variety of healthy treats for him and also you can choose to give him some healthy human food.

6.Catch complete attention of your dog – First, try to grab complete attention of your dog. This can be easily achieved by directly standing in front of your dog and with him facing at you. By doing this, he will get completely focused and will listen and hear you completely.

7.Show the dog a treat – Remember, you only have to show your dog a treat so that he knows you have it. He will be curious to find a way of getting the treat from your hand. You should now have his full attention.

8.Move the treat from the dog's nose to behind his head – By moving the treat in this way will make your dog follow the treat with his eyes and nose, looking upward and in the process placing his bottom on the ground. Ensure to place and hold the treat just below his head and low enough to the ground that he will sit.

9.Say "sit" as the dog sits and reward him with a treat – When the back end of your dog is completely touching the ground ask him to ”sit down” in a firm voice. Offer him with the treat as a reward of sitting.

10.Praise your dog’s behaviour – In addition to the treat praise your dog either by rubbing his head or back. You can also use words such as ”good boy” to praise him. Repeat the similar every time your dog does the sit action during each teaching session.

11.Release your dog from the sit position – Use words such as ”release” or ”free” to make him stand. Take a step back and encourage him to come up to you.

12. Repeat the trick for 10 minutes – Continuous process might create monotony and bring distraction hence take a little break in between the training and then resume it again. Give for at least 2-3 short teaching process every day. It will hardly take 1-2 weeks of training for your dog to learn the ”sit command”.