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Categories: Exercise

For the times when you can’t leave your apartment but need to give your Fido some mental stimulation and physical exercise, here are a few ways to exercise them while staying indoors.

Run your dog up and down the stairs

In homes with big flights of stairs, running up and down can be a great exercise for your dog. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a good exercise for some dogs. If your dog is old, has health issues, has – or is prone to – arthritis and other joint problems, etc. – don’t do this.

Set up obstacle courses

In rooms that are spacious enough you can easily set obstacle courses for your dog. Jumping over chairs, going under tables, circling pillars – most things you see on dog shows can be replicated at home. Your dog will get the exercise he needs and will love the game and the treats.

Hide & seek with treats

Playtime is a favorite of many dogs. You can exercise both the body of your pooch, as well as their nose with this: stash treats in hidden places in your home and teach your dog to find them. You can change the hiding places each day to keep the game interesting.

Hide & seek together

You can even play hide and seek together with your dog. Tell your dog to sit in a room and go hide. Then call your dog and let them find you. The game can be even more interesting with several people. Of course, the goal here isn’t winning, but to have fun with your dog and give them plenty of exercises.

Keep away

Also called “Monkey” as well as several other names, Keep away is a game that you can easily play at home if you have some space. You’ll need someone else to play with you and your dog. Just get a ball, throw it to each other and let the dog have fun trying to get it.

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