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Pets relish to play, they will run, crunch, appreciate and seldom will get as anxious as they can. They can feasibly chew anything and everything from your remotes to your couch coverings. Pets just like kids are very affectionate of toys. Your dog is ever ready to run miles just to fetch a ball, a stick. Your pooch can play with you for a whole day and never get tired and you can always overwhelm them with the best of toys available. Lets first know about

When it comes to toys there are certain varieties that a pet just can not combat. Let's find out about some very impressive toys:

  1. Nylon and PU bone


Bones are a canine's most loyal friend. You can always see how delighted your pet gets after heeding a bone that they can bite anytime they want. This toy bone made up of Nylon and PU will not only help to keep your canine’s teeth clean and healthy but will also prevent your valuable furniture from getting ravaged. 

  2. Latex Balls

Fetch me a ball is the most popular and exciting game for any pet. This kind of game, where the owner is also involved, will increase the bond of love between you and your pet. You will gradually understand your pet more and will train them to be more interactive and playful. Playing with a ball is the biggest hit among the pets and their favorite past time. You could think about EE Toys Latex Rugby or EE Toys Latex Ball With Star.

  3. Squeeze balls

Squeeze balls will keep your pets busy, keep them relaxed. They will keep on Wonder about the noises the squeakers make. From small to big, from red to green, from spiky to plain, Squeakers come in varying shapes and sizes like penguins, pigs, and branches, Let's try Dumbbell with spikes or Ball with paws for your ease. 

  4. Cat scratchers

If you have a cat you will have scratched furniture. Their small sharp nails can scratch anything and everything. With the options of various cat scratchers available like a scratching tree, a Scratching Board Folding Jute, a cat Scratching Pole, you don’t have to worry about your furniture any more and at the same time, you can enjoy the sight of your cat getting its instincts satisfied. 

  5. Cat teasing sticks

It is a well-established truth that cats love to follow rats and ultimately kill them. Cats mostly are not very active and energetic as dogs but with the cat teasing sticks where a mouse is attached to one end you can always keep your can stimulated and alert. For example, you can try the CAT TEASING STICK .

  6. Chew toys

Chew toys can be a great option to keep your pets' teeth clean and strong. A good chew toy has to be soft and at the same time durable. They come in varying sizes and shapes from which you can pick the best for your pet. Make the correct choice with EE Toys Latex toys.

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