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You could be a devoted and loving pet parent for your pets but there are many things that are not in your control, namely several health conditions. Blindness is one of the health conditions that can affect your dog at any age. It is more commonly seen in older dogs due to several reasons like cataracts, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy and several others. 

Being a pet parent can be difficult in such times. But there are ways it can become easier for you and your little furry friend.

First and foremost is to ensure if they actually are blind, here are a few signs that can actually indicate they’re blind :

  • increased clumsiness
  • difficulty in finding toys/ other belongings
  • gets startled easily
  • visible cloudiness in the eyes
  • low levels of energy
  • bumping into walls or other furniture 

If your pet is showing these signs, you should definitely take them to the vet to be sure about this behavior. Now once it is established that your pet is blind, here are the 5 things you can take care of to make the lives of the pets easier. 

  • Make Navigation Easier At Home


Keep the hallways clear and use gates to keep your dog out of rooms that may be dangerous. Another point of stress can be stairs, you can block the steps or use them minimally. You can also consider placing padding on table corners, hard edges and other areas where your dog may get injured.

  • Assure Them Of Your Presence

Keep talking to your pet, make sure he/she knows that you are around. Talk to them in a happy and cheery voice. Dogs are always in tune with their owners, so remain happy and positive in their presence. Even when they can’t say, surely they will appreciate this gesture.

  • Help Him Stay Active

As a pet parent, you should help him stay active. Just because your dog is visually-impaired doesn't mean he can't have fun and play. Much like a seeing-eye dog would do for a visually impaired person, you can help guide your dog along with a leash. You can find some great options for leashes here. Keep the leash short so you can better direct him where to go. It's also nice to let him sniff around and take in his surroundings through smell.

  • Depend On Other Senses

An impaired vision can make the other senses stronger and more functional. You can put  tags or bells that jingle or make noise on other animals in the house so it gets easier. This way they will feel more guided and secure in the house.

There is no doubt that taking care of blind pets can require you to take some special effort. Although, with love and time, both of you can adjust to this natural condition. His condition should not affect the quality of their life. Always continue to show them the same love and affection that you always have and he will return the favor.