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Once you have a pet in your house, they become an integral part of your life. In most of the houses, dogs are allowed to sleep on the sofa and cats on the beds. At that time, you might not realize but your furniture does face some wear and tear. It’s hard for one to not allow your pets to sit or sleep on the furniture but the tips in this blog can help you in protecting your furniture.

  1. Dog Proof Your Furniture with Covers

The lowest effort tip for keeping your furniture protected is by keeping it covered. You can cover your furniture with blankets, throws and slipcovers that are changeable and easily washable. If you want you can make covers of your own too.

  1. Avoid wooden furniture if your pet Chews

If you have a little puppy because of their teething they might chew up all your furniture. Slowly teaching and training them to take time so, avoid having wooden furniture. If you have then, you can spray the legs of the table and chair with bitter apple spray this will strain the dog from chewing. Chewing wooden furniture can be dangerous for your pet too, so precautionary measures have to be taken.

  1. Go for Pet-Friendly Materials For Your Furniture

Best choices of pet-friendly material for your furniture are microfiber and leather. Both have some advantages. The leather is easy to clean whereas microfiber is very durable and difficult to stain. So if you have pets at home and are planning to buy new furniture go for these materials.

  1. Use the Same Entry For Cleaning up Messy Paws

When you take your dogs out for a walk, try keeping a little space in front of your house where you can clean the muddy paws of your dog. This is necessary otherwise they will step into the house and on furniture with muddy paws.

  1. Buy a Nice Bed for your pet

If you get a comfortable bed for your pet, it might replace their favorite spot of sitting on the couch. The more the pet is on their own bed there is fewer stains, scratches, fur and odour on your furniture.

  1. Keep some Rooms Closed from your Pets

If you don’t want your pet to mess up all the rooms of your house then, you can keep some rooms closed for them. For example, you can restrict them to just the living room and not the other rooms. They can easily roam and play in the living room. This will ensure less mess at your house.