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Garfield - who was known as Mr Sainsbury's - first started visiting the store when it was built in 2012 on a meadow opposite the flat where he lived. He regularly made the trip to the store and became popular with customers and staff. A book about his adventures sold out within half an hour, with Garfield "signing" copies with a special paw print stamp in Ely Library.

  • A couple have been sentenced for keeping dogs and cats in "squalid and horrific" conditions at a farm near Whitby.

The animals, belonging to Mandy Allison and Michael Connolly, lived in a "dark, filthy" barn, a court heard.Allinson, 52, and Connolly, 56, were handed a 10-week prison term, suspended for a year, and banned from keeping cats for seven years.

The pair bred puppies at Fotherley Farm in Grosmont in North Yorkshire.

Inspectors found the animals living in their own excrement, a court heard.

York Magistrates' Court heard RSPCA inspectors found "atrocious" conditions after a tip-off by people who found fleas and worms in puppies they bought from the farm.

  • A cat flap that automatically bars entry to a pet if it tries to enter with prey in its jaws has been built as a DIY project by an Amazon employee.

Mr Hamm used two of Amazon's own tools to achieve his goal:

DeepLens - a video camera specifically designed to be used in machine-learning experiments

Sagemaker - a service that allows customers to either buy third-party algorithms or to build their own, then train and tune them with their own data, and finally put them to use

He explained that the most time-consuming part of the task had been the need to supply more than 23,000 photos.

Each had to be hand-sorted to determine whether the cat was in view, whether it was coming or going and if it was carrying prey.

  • Two Scottish wildcat kittens have been born at a centre involved in a captive breeding programme.

The mammals have been described as "functionally extinct" in the wild.

Their numbers are now so low that new research has concluded there is "no longer a viable wildcat population living wild in Scotland".

The two female kittens were born at the Aigas Field Centre near Beauly in the Highlands. The centre has had a breeding programme since 2011.


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