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There are Loads of captivating contrivances coming up for our dogs to be safe, secure and happy. Let’s not panic and stay carefree with the technology that has evolved recently.

  1. PitPat


Cool pet inventions like these are basically pet activity trackers that connect to your dog’s collar and monitors like a FitBit. It sends the information to your smartphone, so you can see what your dog is doing throughout the day.

  1. FitBark

FitBark focuses on health as well as activity, comparing your dog to others of similar breed type. If your vet’s tech-savvy, you can allow him to connect to the FitBark profile for your dog to keep tabs on how your dog’s health is doing.

  1. Petzi


 This webcam for pets allows you to speak to your pet and see live video while you’re gone. It’s treat dispensing feature means pets will be drawn to it. They’ll hear your voice and receive a treat when interacting with the webcam.

  1. Eyenimal Cat Videocam

Though designed for cats, the Eyenimal Cat Videocam works for both cats and dogs. This camera clips to the collar and has a three hour batter life. It weighs only 9 grams, so it’s perfectly safe for your pet to wear.

  1. iFetch

Some dogs have a crazy play drive. If your throwing arm is getting tired after hours of fetch, consider the iFetch. This automatic ball launcher is easy for your pet to learn, and it provides hours of fun as it launches ball after ball for them to retrieve. You can leave it running while you’re at work for instant engagement with your pet.

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