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  • DOG SEE IN BLACK , WHITE AND GRAY :People mostly consider that the dogs are most of the time colorblind . They can see all the colors like you but the only difference is that the spectrum of the dogs is very limited to the color vision of human beings ( said by American Kennel Club ) . This is due to your canine friends ability of exhibiting two colors . This means they are dichromatic , i.e. in their eyes there are two kinds of cone cells that are present and which can control the color perception . Normally any human beings and any of the other primates , they basically have three of the cones which makes us trichromatic ( this trichromatic vision makes us different the dogs with dichromatic vision ) . You cannot exactly interpret how your dog sees the world but you can have an idea about it or may be an approximation of how your dog sees the world by checking or going through the dog vision online ( they see in a bit similar way as the person with red - green blindness sees ) . May be the orange colored squeaky toy can look blue to your pet .
  • DOGS START AGING IN HUMAN YEARS : Actually the dog starts to age very much faster than any human beings . This is one of the most common misconception about dogs in today’s era is that one year of the dog is exactly equal to seven of the human years . According to this it means that a ten - year - old is somewhere equal to the seventy - year - old human . According to Price economics this misconception is been there since near about thirteen century . Your dog actually grows very fast , they age up very soon but if you stick to the concept of seven years is not at all right . In reality what exactly affects the age of your dog in human years is specifically its size , genetic things , breed and makeup
  • DOGS WHO ARE WARM , DRY NOSES MAKE YOU SICK :It is been trusted that your dog is healthy if your dog has cold and wet nose . Whatsoever happens , be it warm nose or even dry nose they are completely fine for your dog and it is normal , never think as a sign of having a bad health and don’t worry too much about that . Petful says that from all from allergies to the dry air , if you make them have a nap as that can really affect the wetness of your dog’s nose . It is not a big matter of concern normally , but if you think or notice that your pet’s nose is dry , cracking . simply wet or if it is running , take an appointment to the doctor as they may guide you well if there will be any issue with them
  • DOGS ALWAYS HAVE A CLEAN MOUTHS : Like seriously , this is the worst one out of all the myths you consider for your dog . Never trust on this myth at least ever . Dogs actually does everything with their mouths and noses and because of that i don’t think it is important to point out whether their mouth is clean or not . I believe if you would have gone through my previous blogs then you would have seen a post that dog eats cats poop ( even sometimes they enjoy having their own poop ) . For the dental hygiene of your dog make sure you make them brush daily . Follow a routine for brushing teeth's. Some of the people think that if you kiss your dog then there are chances for you to gain their mouth germs , but according to a report of New York Times it is said that the germs in your dog’s mouth are specific to your dog only , they won’t harm you . There are few pathogens ( microorganism ) like salmonella and there are few of the unique strains of bacteria that can be transferred to human beings through the saliva of dogs , but there are hardly any serious infections that are caused due to all this to human beings . So don’t worry too much if occasionally your dog starts licking you .
  • DOGS NORMALLY WAG THEIR TAILS WHEN THEY ARE HAPPY :Do you think that your dog is showing you his happiness when he wags his tail when you are back to home . At times you can be right about it , but at times it can be much more than happiness . His wagging tail can tells a lot more than what you think about it . If your dog is wagging his tail then it can be a symbol of anxiety . At times it can be the symptom of frustration or even of nervousness in your dog . So if your dog is wagging his tail understand it well whether he is happy or he is being apprehensive . When you observe his body language , then observe is completely his each body part so that you can make out what’s wrong with them . Most importantly when you observe his body language , make sure to look at the position of his ears and look into his eyes before you approach them .
  • DOGS SHOULD EAT SIMILAR TO WOLVES :It is a fact that dogs and wolves have shared the same ancestors as they are from same animals . It took dogs , near about over thousands of years to turn themselves from wolves who were completely carnivores into an omnivores dogs ( this can even mean that a meat based meal can be dangerous or may lead to bad health consequences for your dog ) . Actually wolves lead a life of around six years - as being a kind of domicile pet rather being a kind of wild beast in the forest . The lifespan of around six years of wolves is very short than the lifespan of dogs . So never trust the brand or company when they sell their food under the name of wolves , or if they say that serve your dog with the food similar to wolf’s diet . Your dog has a very different diet and needs a much nutritious diet as you can guess this well from the difference between the lifespan of dog and wolves . Prefer a brand which sells food specific for dog’s body and mind as well
  • PEOPLE THINK CRACKING A WINDOW IS SUFFICIENT TO KEEP YOUR DOG IN A CAR :NO !!!!! it is not at all right to do so . In extreme weather conditions , your dog can have bad health problem if they are left out in an overly heated car or even in an overly cold car . So don’t leave your dog in the car when the weather conditions are not supportive for your dog . At times you might think that you will be back into the car within minutes and try running to the store , but remember these few minutes can even become a dangerous span of time for your dog . If they get stuck into the car then it may harm them . There are few states in which if you leave your dog then it is permitted to break into your car so as to rescue the dog . Make sure you never make your dog reach to that state , so that you don’t hurt your dog . Always remember that your dog is your child ( although they have fur ) and similar to human child they even can’t be left out unattended and even they can’t be kept locked into a car ( as you can’t lock your child )
  • YOU CAN’T TEACH NEW TRICKS TO AN OLD DOG :This is another myth like all the above myths . Remember this is a complete myth . Although it is true to say that dog should be socialized at an early age ( when they are young ) because socializing them from then is a bit easy and is even helpful . Socializing them as they start to age can be a bit tough tougher task but that never means that you can’t teach something to your older dogs . Your dog might grow old but they can learn at that stage also . There is a dog like Chaser , who is the world’s most smartest dog and has reached the status of being a senior citizen but he is still learning up the new tricks .
  • DOGS HATE THE MAIL CARRIERS :It is not proved , if your dog has something against your mail carrier , your dogs this kind of strange behavior can be due to their strange behavior as they may find a need to alert you or to protect you - their pack leader . When your dog watch any of the stranger approaching for your house . They just want one thing that is to protect in every possible way . They just feel like protecting you that’s what will make them react this way . The only way to help your dog with this behavior is that you can introduce your dog to the mail carrier on few of the occasions so that they take that mail carrier as his one of the friends and not as an stranger
  • PEOPLE THINK THAT DOGS AND CATS ARE THE BORN ENEMIES :Cats are the kind of independent and they literally are finicky creatures (pays attention) , whereas dogs are the found to be the most curious creatures . Because of dog being a curious creature , this myth has been developed about the dogs . Cats and dogs can go along very well if you introduce them properly and if you socialize them well . But this doesn’t mean that the cat won’t hurt or hit the dog . At times it happens that your dog wants to play but the cat doesn’t want to play and they feel like being alone then in that case it may happen that your cat may hit the dog , so to avoid such kind of situation it is important for you to understand that when such situations can happen and try to resolve that situation before it turns into a drastic fight . This myth is a misunderstanding has been developed , because the owner lacks in guiding the dog well towards cat
  • RUBBING YOUR DOG’S NOSE IN AN ACCIDENT WILL PREVENT THEM IN THE FUTURE :It is another myth . If you come home and you find a dog with an accident , and you start rubbing the nose of your dog , it is most likely that he would not make up the connection to know what he did . So , you tend to punish your dog and your dog doesn’t even know why he is being punished by you . All this can really create a lot of problems for you . It is really important for you to try and catch him while doing such acts then immediately guide them to his proper potty place . Make it a point to immediately clean up the accidents happened with your dog with a pet friendly cleaner because as you know dogs have a nice sense of smell and they might return to the same spot of accident , so it is suggested to clean them as soon as possible .
  • YOUR DOGS RELY ON YOU FOR CARE Yes this one is a completely true statement about your dog . For dog you are his leader and he therefore relies on you for every small thing . Everything which he needs from proper nutrition , grooming sessions , making him do exercises , and taking him to the doctor on regular basis . They depend on you for every single thing , be it their actions , their behaviors, their aggression, their anxiety, their nervousness, so it is really important for you to take a proper care of your dog . Misconceptions are something that can be easily spread everywhere but being a parent of a dog it’s your responsibility to be well informed about everything related to your pet . Now when you hear such myths about your dog , then not just avoid them instead clear them up that it’s a misconception and they should fetch out the right and the required information about those myths . Start guiding up people with truth instead of believing on myths