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A new year is a chance to start your life afresh not just for you but your pooch too!

Working on those resolutions becomes much more fun and interesting when you have your pet with you and when you are planning for your resolutions you will find that they can be very similar to the goals you set for your dog. 

So here presenting a small list of resolutions to pick from you and your dog!

  • Getting fit together

Obesity can be a problem for your dog too. Maintaining a healthy weight plays a major role in dogs’ overall well-being. However, it’s a common struggle among pet parents.

Chalk out a healthy diet for your pet, you can also use a healthy treat for your pet that is made with natural ingredients and do not contain extra sugar or added preservatives.

While choosing the perfect vet for your dog, do not forget to consult your veterinarian.

  • Never forget to exercise

If you and your pooch are planning to shed some pounds make exercise a part of your routine. You don’t have to hike for miles or walk for hours to reap the benefits; even just short bursts of active time can help burn off some anxious energy and calories. It can be as simple as playing a few rounds of fetch or walking around the block after dinner. For those cold and dreary winter days, you can play hide and seek inside or even put a leash on your dog while you walk up and down the stairs.

  • Regular health check-ups

Visiting a doctor once a while is as important for your dog as it for you. Physical examinations once a while will help you to keep your pooch healthy and will help you keep up with any kind of disease or infection that he may suffer from. There are also many vaccinations that your dog has to take. Make sure you frequently take him to the vet.

  • Making time for play dates

Just like you, dogs also love to socialize and make new friends. Although some breeds don’t enjoy the company of other pups, most love to play and hang out with other dogs. 

A great first step is to find a local good park. Aside from allowing your dog to mingle with others, dog parks are also great for owners to get some exercise, socialize with other dog lovers, and maybe even discover a new part of the neighborhood. Always be mindful of the posted rules and be cautious when introducing your dog to others. 

Resolutions can sometimes become difficult to achieve but also be motivated and keep your pooch in high energy. Never try to rush over things. Always try to be patient through the process and make gradual changes. Take small steps and soon you will notice the good changes you brought to your pooch's life!