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Time to have an adventure. The world is loaded with incredible activities with a breathtaking experience. Paragliding is one of those incredible experiences. Every adventurous person has the desire of experiencing paragliding once in a lifetime. There are also people those who have dreams to enjoy this experience with their loved ones. But have you thought of experiencing this with your pet? It must be strange to hear that.  But there is a video on social media which is trending a lot these days.

In this video, the dogs breed Siberian Husky named “Nawab” is enjoying paragliding at the height of 3,500 feet along with its owner. The video is gaining popularity and incredulity both at the same time. This Siberian Husky is 18 months old and is owned by Vikash Tyagi from Noida Uttar Pradesh.

If you will look at the video then you will find that the dog is not even scared from heights rather he is enjoying the waves of the wind.

This is one of the experiences of having an adventure with your pet. This could also be a great idea for you also to try a special adventure with your pets. But before trying this kind of activity with your pet it is very important to ensure that whether your pet is suitable for these kinds of activity or not. Not all pets can go for these kinds of adventure sports. If you are planning something like this than take your pet to the vet get him examined completely than think of something like this.