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One of India's most prominent pet festivals, Pet Fed, has again entered Delhi with an extraordinary New Year version. 

Rejoin the grand gathering and make it distinctive for your little furry fellows as we begin a fresh decade. For all the pet lovers out there who crave a pet company, this is the occasion for each of you to party with thousands of lovely pets under one roof. 

Let's roll this festive season with our all-time preferred pets!

We have assembled a menu of things that you will treasure about PET FED Delhi.

1. International Championships

An international cat program in fellowship with federations that exclusively work for cats is held here, at Pet Fed! Awards & presents for all winners & certificates for all participants are given. Put up your enigmas on nutrition, diet, breed, genetics and all other kitty related queries and get them elucidated here!

2. Dog Show

Last year the tremendous victory of a police dog demonstration by paramilitary dogs and the Dog squads has motivated them again to show off their skills, grit, determination through a demonstration by them & their handlers. It is mostly a civil Dog Demonstration of Coordination, Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection & Assault work on the stage! 

3. The Pet Fashion Show

Fashion Show, organized exclusively for our beloved pets, is nothing less than a Victoria Secret's Fashion Show! Our four-legged furry angels, twisting up the “aww – oomph” factor on the spotlight! This jaunty and fun venture allows humans and their pets dressed in amazing pet couture to walk the ramp in style. The winners are awarded massive baskets and also get a gorgeous memento to carry back comfortably while everyone else in the public gets to perform pup-Marazzi!

4. Shopping & Retail Remedy

Pet Fed is an astounding platform for upcoming modern age pet care labels that are just beginning their adventure out in the ever-so-booming enterprise. 

5. Adoption Homes

Pet Fed endeavors to implant the identical esteem and eagerness in its guests with a genuine and reliable code of conduct of only supporting adoption & not encouraging breeding and other inhumane exercises. 

6. Food & Refreshments

Don't worry! We know without tempting food, no festival is successful. We have a committed Food Court area for humans here! Viewing your pet fling on all the marvelous food and treats proposed by all the stalls, are positive to make you starved! Therefore, you can relish mouth-watering cuisines from all over the world, alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages at the event! What further?

7. The brand-new extension to stage activities!

A tad more appealing feature of the PetFed every year is to propose some new matches to be contested on the stage. Apart from Cosplay & other aforementioned activities, they have a trio of unique fun games similar to Building Biscuits– a venture in which the owner or any other human has to make a tower of biscuits in presence of their anxious pooch without them ruining it, Fetch – an easy throw and grab competition with your favorite & Dog Performance - a strange version of the famous gathering entertainment 'Musical Chair'!

Aren't you moved already? So are we! Seize your tickets and locate us there with the most desirable for your delightful pets.