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Rehoming your cat might be a difficult task for both you and your little one but it can be achieved with some preparations and time. Cheer up and keep these things in mind.

Ensure Your Cat’s Health

A healthy cat looks more beautiful and attractive, therefore, take your cat to visit the vet. Ask your vet to perform all the necessary checkup which is needed so, you can make sure that she is in a perfectly healthy state. Plus, don’t forget to have a medical report thus, you can prove to the new owner that she is healthy.

Click Picture Of Your Cat

Much like us, make sure your little one looks her best while having the picture. Groom your cat before taking the snap and put some of her favourite toys to grab her attention. Alternatively, you can also prefer an already clicked/saved picture of your beloved pet.

Draft Your Cat’s Trait

Ensure that you’re enlisting both physical and behavioural traits. The list must be genuinely written with no fillers and lies. For example, if she doesn’t behave well with children then, don’t mention that she does. Plus, don’t forget to mention your cat’s age.

Write Down A Description

On the basis of your cat’s trait do write a brief description. You can publish this on the various platforms where you want to advertise to rehome your cat. Keep in mind that this writing must resemble your cat’s trait and convince all who read.

Open Out The Information All Around

Use various and maximum number of platforms to spread the information. Post it on social media and ask all your friends to share it further. Communication medium such as a newspaper can also be used to spread the flyers. In conjunction with this, you can also ask your vet if he/she knows anybody who can take her. Do not forget to include the picture you took or the picture you have had saved.

Talk To The People Who Are Willing To Adopt Your Pet

Ensure to have a talk over the phone call or on the internet. This will let you figure out about the person so that you can judge if he/she can be a good owner or not.

Inquire By Asking Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions until you get satisfied with the answers and with the person as well. Questions such as ”Do the person is having any experience in caring for an animal?

Are there other pets in the home? ” Can be asked.

Invite The Person To Meet Your Cat

If you feel comfortable and satisfied with the person invite him/her to meet your pet. This will let your little one get a little bit friendly and comfy.

Provide The New Owner With The Details And Things That Your Cat Might Need

Details such as the list of your cat’s traits, her medical history in the paper form, important medicines, diet chats must be provided to the new owner.

And along with this, don’t forget to give her favourite toys, bed, litter box, treats as these things will be advantageous for your cat to get easily adapt in her new home.

Time To Say Toodles

As she has been very close and lovable to you so do try to spend some time with her at her new home. This will help her to adjust and get comfortable. In addition, you can also leave any of your belonging like your shirt which has a smell of you. By doing this, she will have something familiar with new surroundings.