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Rawhide Treats For Dogs: What Makes Them Special?

Rawhide Treats For Dogs: What Makes Them Special?

Rawhide Treats For Dogs: What Makes Them Special?

Jumping On The Rawhide Treat Bandwagon

Whether you recently got yourself a cuddly companion or have an old canine friend who’s been with you for years, one of the best things you can do for your dog is giving them some rawhide treats!

As the name states for itself, rawhide is made from the inner layers of horse and cow hides; and rawhide chews have grown to become one of the most popular treats for dogs. 

However, their popularity extends beyond their playful exterior to the several benefits they have for your dog. 


Let’s explore why your dog needs to be chewing these rawhide treats today.

  • Keeps Those Teeth Healthy

As dogs are now very common as house pets, they no longer go about tearing animal skin in the wild to survive. 

Consequently, their canine teeth often go underused, making them more susceptible to dental plaque and tooth staining.

Chewing on rawhide snacks causes them to wrap around the teeth and gently wipe away plaque and tartar. 

This helps reduce bad breath, keeping teeth whiter, and lowers the chance of developing potentially severe dental issues in the future.

  • Makes Them Behave

All dogs have the natural desire to chew. 

This becomes a lot more difficult if you’re dealing with puppies because they tend to chew everything while teething.

Rawhide chews assist in keeping pups and older dogs from chewing destructively by offering a chewing outlet that's safe for them.

If your dog is chewing rawhides from his puppy days, chances are they might always choose rawhide treats over your sofa cushions! 


  • Relieves Anxiety

Yes, dogs do sometimes feel stressed, and chewing is their way of relieving any tension. 

With rawhide treats, your dogs can chew away their anxiety and decrease stress levels, making them happier and refreshed.  

  • Dogs Simply Love It!

When dogs get tired (or don’t), they want attention. 

However, if you have many chores to tend to, giving them what they need can seem difficult. 

Fortunately, dogs love flavorful treats! 

A rawhide treat will keep them entertained while you can get your work done.


Rawhide treats can keep your dog happy while taking care of those dental issues, boredom, stress, and less-than-friendly behavior.

What’s more is that you can get rawhide treats in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from a bone to a donut, and keep your dog happy as well as healthy!

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