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They could have originated from Rome. The name has been derived from the German word Rottweiler Metzger Hund which means Rottweiler butchers. As their name tells they were used as livestock and pull carts. They were used as search and rescue dogs. They are very calm, confident and courageous as a guardian. They literally have a very strong instincts to protect their loved ones.

Now we will talk about the time when they were almost extinct. Actually, those were the days of the 19th century, when there was no work left for the Rottweiler because no herding of dogs was needed so these dogs went out of job and this was the time when they were almost on the verge of being extinct. But in the 20th century, they found a new reason to live by serving in the military and in police as well. They were introduced in the United States in 1910 and here the popularity of this breed grew. 

They are very large, powerful dogs and they require to socialize soon and for this you need to train them in the company of people from early months itself. At times, they can be dangerous as well, so you may need to carry an extra liability insurance to own them. They are fine with children but still you should remain aware. And if you are introducing these dogs to any new animal, especially dog, then in that case you should be well aware. Because at times they can be aggressive.

 Now we will discuss his description in detail:


  • Male Rottweiler is about 61 to 69 centimeters.
  • Female Rottweiler is from 56 to 63 centimeters.


  • Males Rottweiler weighs from 50 to 60kgs.
  • Females Rottweiler weighs from 35 to 48kgs.

To check whether your dog is overweight or not you can perform a very well-known method:

First, look down at him. You should be able to see his waist. Then place your hands on his back, thumbs along the spine, with the fingers spreading downward. You should be able to feel his ribs even though you can't see them, it means he needs less food and more exercise.


Retrievers will make your journey special for 8 to 10 years.


  • They are double co
  • Colour: black and tan or black and mahogany.



They are highly trainable. They need 10 to 20 minutes of walk or playtime daily. They enjoy playing especially with the ball. If you don't have time for training, then this dog is not for you. This breed has different energy levels so, while buying just take care to tell them which level of energy you need. Because they can be the laziest dog and the most active ones so choose the energy level of your pet wisely. They are not at all difficult to house train, but at times they can be stubborn and willful as well, they may carry the attitude of why I should do this, so stay calm and wise.


  • You cannot make them eat for the whole day, you have to stick to a schedule and divide the meal between two times a day. They need 4-10 cups of high-quality dry food in a day.
  • But with this I would even tell that the need of a dog's body varies from one dog to another because that depends completely on their physical needs. If your dog is sporty and an active one, then of course he will need more food than others. So, it's important to watch out your dog and accordingly develop up their eating habit.
  • It's important to feed your pet with the right quantity and quality of food to help them grow in the best manner they may can.
  • You should never share human food with your pet because that may contain elements which can be toxic for your pet for example potatoes, chocolates, etc.
  • Remember they have a huge appetite than any other dog.


  • First of all, just take care while selecting your pet because there are many dogs sold in the name of Rottweiler so choose a reputed breeder. They love action and being sporty so try to keep them active. The challenge you may face is with their shedding habits as they shed hair too much so if you are having Rottweiler then you should get use to hair. Trim their nails twice or thrice a month because long nails may start to hurt them a lot, it can even bleed.


The dog should take bath every month at least. Never break the rules or the habit of bathing you develop in them. If by chance you find the fur has become too dirty and there is time for next bathing session then you can clean their fur with towel and dry shampoo but never go with the excess wash logic as your excess wash habit can destroy the quantity and quality of their fur. Another important thing which you should keep in mind while washing your pet is that you should dry there ear well, so that there lies no chance of fungal or any other infection.



  • In this condition the bones do not fit into the hip joint.
  • Dog will have pain and will be low on rear legs.


  • It is caused due to different growth rate of three bones that together makes up dog's elbow causing joint laxity.


  • It causes the cloudy spot on eye lens and it can happen at any age.


  • This is a very painful disease and this is caused when the dog is young, they will start showing you symptoms like lameness.


  • They catch allergy very soon and it can be caused by anything. If he starts licking his paws or if he rubs his face more often then it's time to get him checked up.


  • It occurs when the stomach gets filled with gas, air and keeps twisting.


  • In this bloating happens which can be a life-threatening thing. In this the dog is not able to vomit out the extra air in his stomach.
  • Mostly deep chested dogs are affected like Rottweiler.


This happens because of thyroid gland when it goes unbalanced in the body.