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They have originated from Chukchi (North East). They are one of the oldest dog breeds. They are very beautiful dogs. They have large type of colors and markings on them. They have a bit similar look to Siberian wolf. They just love digging up specially at a specific spot. They are the active working dogs not the one guarding up. They are not more like watch dogs because they are very welcoming at nature. They love to escape around so you need to be very careful about them and your boundaries so that you leave no space from where they may escape. You have to get particular about the every bit of your premises. They can become destructive at times so karate training is very important. They don't bark frequently. They are very curious and loves playing around.


  • The height of male Siberian Husk is from 21 inches to 23.5 inches.
  • The height of female Siberian Husk is from 20 inches to 22 inches.


  • The weight of male Siberian Husk is from 50 to 60 pounds.
  • The weight of female Siberian Husk is from 5 to 50 pounds.


  • Colour-Agouti and white, black and white, grey and white, red and white, sable and white, white.
  • They have blowing coat.
  • They have thick coat.


Siberian Husk will give you company for 12 to 15 years.


They are one of those who gain up obesity very fast so it's important to divide their meals very well. You need to divide their meal between two halves and should not cross their diet at any cost. Serve them with 1.5 to 2 cup of food a day. Because overfeeding them can create a major problem and you may need to consult the doctor. They eat less amount of food.

You have to divide the meal of your dog according to their body needs so it's important for you to analyze their body demand. One more important thing about a pet is that never feed them with the human food because that can be toxic for their body and you may need a doctor.


They need exercise for 30 to 60 minutes daily. You should not make them exercise in hot weather. As they have a habit of escaping so it is important for them to have obedience classes as karate training because that will be very beneficial to train them. To keep them safe you can also opt for leash training. They love chasing things as they are high prey drive. We cannot deny the fact that they are difficult to train so if you are going to own the dog for the first time avoid this breed because you may face tough time with them because they have a bad habit of wandering away whenever they find a way out. They can even get destructive if not trained up properly.Although, they have demerits but if they are guided and trained properly then they will be perfect family companion.



  • It is a disease which has ultimate outcome as blindness. In this, slowly the dog starts losing his vision.


  • In this condition the bones do not fit into hip joint.
  • Dog will have pain and will be low on rear legs.


  • It causes the cloudy spot on eye lens and it can happen at any age.


  • There are two most important things you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy a dog.
  • First and the most important thing is to approach a reputed breeder because if you are not doing that remember you are on the verge of getting trapped and will be fooled out with a dog of different breed. No doubt, that there are many beautiful dogs which will give you an illusion of being a Chow Chow but as we know looks is not all what is needed in a pet. So, choose your breeder wisely and s Try not getting fooled up from the fake breeders. Last but not the least choose the breeder with your area of interest.
  • Second thing I believe comes as being an important point of concern is the quality of pedigree and remember only a reputed or a good breeder will only know what is pedigree. Actually, quality pedigree means what kind of parents, grandparents and ancestor that particular pet had, because through that only you will understand the abilities, temperament and health of that pet, as almost the same traits are passed as hereditary. Basically, track record of a quality pup is very important.

Now what mostly happens is that at times we confuse the two important terms pedigree and puppy’s registration but they are too different. Through pedigree a reputed breeder can tell you what qualities the pet must have inherited but through registration papers you identify who are the parents and ancestors of the pup but they will not tell you about the qualities.