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Dogs do get bored, just like us. A dog when is not given anything to do throughout the day will get bored eventually as they don’t have a job to entertain them, neither can they just go out for a walk in a park on their own and play with their friends. Their whole life is dictated by us, we literally decide when they eat, when they play and when they eat. So, we are the main source of their entertainment. Dogs exhibit behaviour to let us know that they are bored but if you are a new pet owner you might not be able to read those signs. Here are 3 signs that you can easily read to know that your pooch is bored out of its life.

  1. Showing destructive behaviour: Excessive barking, Chewing, digging are some of the destructive behaviours that dogs show when they are bored. Basically, as mentioned above we are our dogs’ sole source of entertainment so when we do not give anything to do throughout the day, they find something to do themselves.
  1. Attention Seeking: When your dog is bored, it will let you know by barking and whining continuously and seek your attention. Some might not even bark or whine and will just come right in front of your face and use their puppy charm to make you play with them or take them to the park.
  1. Following you everywhere: This is also called Velcro dog syndrome, if your dog is bored it will keep following you around in hope that every time you are moving around the house it is to play with them or are getting ready to take them out for a walk.

The dogs are very active animals especially when they are young and during this time boredom can make them restless and easily irritated in the later years of their life. It is important to read the signs and know when the dog is bored and then do something about it. To ensure that your dog doesn’t get bored you can get toys for them to play with, BonBeno a pet care shop has the exciting toys to always keep your dog engaged and keep it out of boredom.