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In the 21st century the technology is increasing at a rapid rate and in all the different fields and this includes pets too. Over the past couple of years technology for pets have reached a different level and these inventions make your life easier and your pets’ life more fun.

  1. Pet wearables

This was one of the earliest inventions in the field of pets and it is still very useful, it is one of the best gadgets if you want to take keep a track on the health of your dog or are just interested in some cool graphs related to your pet. The latest one comes with a lot of new features like “whistle” that will update you on your phone if your dog leaves the safety zone set by you.

  1. PupPod

PupPod is one of the most amazing advancement in the field of technology for dogs. PupPod combines surveillance with training techniques, it offers light puzzles to your dog to solve and give him/her treats when completed. It can be controlled through an app and thus the owner can have all the fun from afar.

  1. Surveillance tech Camera

All the pet owners always wonder what their pets do when they are not at home, surveillance cameras for pets is the best tool to answer this specific question, specially the latest ones that get attached to the dog collar and then you can see what the dog sees. This can also be controlled through an app so you can know what is your dog’s favorite place to be when they are all alone.

The technology for pets has been advancing at a very good rate and this has helped pet owners to take better care of their pets and keep their pet engaged even when they are not around.