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" They are working dog breed "


Labrador retriever has been a popular dog in the United States. It really means a lot of being popular for so long. It is one of the most intelligent dogs. You have to agree with me that they have an energy level no less than a marathoner. They can play for the whole day. They are truly very active and high spirited. Bringing a Labrador can be a fun loving mode where you will find energy all around you. They have basically earned their keep as being a fisherman's helper.  They can literally work as a retriever for hunters.


  • They have soft mouths which you would love embracing for long.
  • They have long wagging tails and folded ears.
  • They are very hard working and good natured.
  • The one great feature about them is that they bark only when needed.
  • Labrador retriever just loves winters badly, but they cannot bear when it's too hot.
  • They are easy going dogs.
  • They are friendly with the stranger.
  • They are the most versatile dogs you would ever meet.
  • Last but not least they are the joggers so you can have a nice time jogging with them.
  • They have webbed feet.
  • They have a muscular body and have a water-resistant co


  • He develops his full height within a year.
  • Male retrievers are from 22.5 to 24.5 inches.
  • Female retrievers are from 21.5 to 23.5 inches.


  • They gain there matured weight by two.
  • Males weigh from 65 to 80 pounds.
  • Females weigh from 55 to 70 pounds.


Retrievers will make your journey special for 10 to 12 years.


  • Colour: Black, yellow and chocolate.
  • They are smooth and furry.


They are one of those who gains up obesity very fast so it's important to divide their meals very well. You need to divide their meal between two halves and should not cross their diet at any cost. Because overfeeding them can create a major problem and you may need to consult the doctor.

You have to divide the meal of your dog according to their body needs so it's important for you to analyse their body demand. One more important thing about a pet is that never feed them with human food because that can be toxic for their body and you may need a doctor.


These pets are water lovers, so whenever they get a chance to splash into the water they will enjoy it to its best. But at this point, you should take care that while bathing or swimming, you should clean their ears properly as soon as possible so that they don't develop any sort of fungal infection. It's important to make a proper schedule for your dog's bath like you can make them bathe every month. But even if they get dirty and you feel like cleaning them you can clean them with a dry towel but don't make them bathe. Because bathing them out from their routine can be harmful.

One part is safe about a Labrador retriever is that they shed less than a golden retriever.


It's not at all a hectic thing to train up a Labrador retriever because as discussed above you know it well that they are very intelligent. They catch up things a bit faster than any other pet. They even don't need to exercise for long hours just 30 to 40 minutes will be enough for them. I assure you that they will be the easiest going dogs and you know they love getting praised so they will run anywhere and everywhere to get praise from you. The most important thing that you should remember is that they are too sensitive to deal with so while training them to keep that in mind that you don't go harsh over them.

There is a very small gap between behavioural problems and training problems. It can be a chance for you to solve up your dog's behavioural problem from training. For example, the most common issue with the Labrador retriever is that they will jump whenever they meet you and you can help them reduce their habit of jumping through training only.



  • Eyelids roll up inward.
  • Cornea starts irritating.


  • In this, the voice box is partially paralyzed.
  • It becomes difficult to breathe.


  • In this condition, the bones don't fit into the hip joint.
  • The dog will have pain and will be low on rear legs.


  • It is caused due to the different growth rate of three bones that together makes up the dog's elbow causing joint laxity.


  • It causes the cloudy spot on eye lens and it can happen at any age.


  • Caused by a narrow connection between left ventricle and aorta


  • This is caused due to improper growth of cartilage in the joints. Basically, it happens in the elbow.


  • They catch but allergy very soon and it can be caused by anything. If he starts licking his paws or if he rubs his face more often then it's time to get him checked up.


  • In this blood clot happen.
  • Its symptoms are nose bleeding, bleeding gums, bleeding intestine etc.


  • In this bloating happens which can be a life-threatening thing. In this, the dog is not able to vomit out the extra air in his stomach.
  • Mostly deep-chested dogs are affected like a golden retriever.


  • This happens because of thyroid gland when it goes unbalanced in the body.


  • It is a kind of cancer which originates from blood vessel
  • It is again a life-threatening disease.


SHEDDING- Properly brushing them is very important because if you brush them for like twice a week then, the hair will go out with the brush instead of everywhere in your house, furniture and body.

LABS ARE WATER DOGS-Whenever you feel your dog is wet just make sure you wash them as soon as possible with the freshwater so that chlorine, salt or lake muck are removed from their fur.

MOISTURE IN EARS-While bathing them it is important that you keep a check whether you have dried their ears properly or not because if they are not dried properly then they can catch infections quickly.

NAILS-Hygiene is always important so trimming up your pet's nails every week or two is very important because the long nails can make your dog uncomfortable. Long nails can make it difficult for them to walk and even at times it becomes very painful and starts to bleed.


  • Loves to be indoor - Golden retriever is a kind of pet who won't always love to play out, they are the one which finds happiness anywhere be it even in a room, so keeping them in between four walls or outside are equally same for them.
  • Cheerful: This breed is a happy going one,  they spread happiness and positivity everywhere. They are those happy kids who will keep you lively and happy as well. With a retriever at your home, you will feel the positivity and energy all around.
  • Active dogs /Playful: They are everywhere on a You can find them running here and there in your room and playing with anything they find to be it their own toys or yours they will play with anything happily.
  • Obedient one: They will follow you with everything. Just be kind to them and see they will follow you so beautifully and perfectly. But being harsh on them can never be good because they are really too sensitive.
  • Trustworthy: You can trust them with anything and everything they will always stand to your ex You train them right and I assure you they will be your best friend who will never crossover your trust.
  • Easily trained - Training them is easy as you don't have to run after them for hours to train something, as they catch up all the things pretty faster than any other dog.
  • Intelligent- Intelligence is an add on grace to this breed they are so sharp and spontaneous at their reaction that they will even leave you with a blow. Their intelligence only makes them easily trainable.
  • Loyal - Dog is a pet known for its loyalty so speaking more about it is not important because this is something that makes the whole breed as a commendably loyal one.
  • Family loving dog - They are friendly and family dogs as they love being around with people, you cannot leave them alone for long. They are even easy going with kids so you need not worry about it much.


  • They can't be alone for long as they are a family loving dog. So if you keep them alone for longer then that can harm them, as I already told you they are too sensitive to deal with.
  • They can easily become overweight if they are overfed. They cannot cross their dose and if you make them cross up their daily dose of food then be ready to watch up to a doctor because overeating can make them sick.
  • High maintenance - To be frank enough it's really true to say maintaining a retriever is costlier than maintaining any other dog.


  • There are two most important things you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy a retriever.
  • First and the most important thing is to approach a reputed breeder because if you are not doing that remember you are on the verge of getting trapped and will be fooled out with a dog of the different breed. No doubt, that there are many beautiful golden dogs which will give you an illusion of being a retriever but as we know looks is not all that is needed in a pet. So choose your breeder wisely and smartly Try not getting fooled up from the fake breeders. Last but not the least choose the breeder with your area of interest.
  • The second thing I believe comes as being an important point of concern is the quality of pedigree and remember only a reputed or a good breeder will only know what is pedigree. Actually quality pedigree means what kind of parents, grandparents and ancestor that particular pet had, because through that only you will understand the abilities, temperament and health of that pet, as almost the same traits are passed as hereditary. Basically track record of a quality pup is very important.
  • Now what mostly happens is that at times we confuse the two important terms pedigree and puppy's registration but they are too different. Through pedigree, a reputed breeder can tell you what qualities the pet must have inherited but through registration papers, you identify who are the parents and ancestors of the pup but they will not tell you about the qualities.