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This breed will be your active companion for long . There has been a lot of confusion after the name of beagle as few people say beagle can be derived from the French word begueule which means open throat, few of them even say that it was derived from the French word beugler which means bellow. And this was not limited to French words only, a few people consider it related to the English word beag which means small. Their origin is still not defined well but yes, they are considered as the ancestors of Foxhound Although we could not understand their origin but we know that they became popular in England . Now we will try to know there description :


  • He develops his full height within a year.
  • Male beagle is from 36 to 41 centimeters.
  • Female beagle is from 33 to 38 centimeters.


  • They gain there matured weight by two.
  • Males weigh from 10 to 11kgs.
  • Females weigh from 9 to 10kgs.

To check whether your dog is overweight or not you can perform a very well known method:

First, look down at him. You should be able to see his waist. Then place your hands on his back, thumbs along the spine, with the fingers spreading downward. You should be able to feel his ribs even though you can't see them, it means he needs less food and more exercise.


Beagle will make your journey special for 10 to 15 years


  • Color: They come in any hound color but mostly in tricolor with a black saddle, white legs, chest, belly and a white tip on the tail.
  • They also come in colors like lemon and white, red and white, brown and white, orange and white, chocolate.


They don't need to eat in bulk. You cannot make them eat for the whole day, you have to stick to a schedule and divide the meal between two times a day. They need 3/4 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food in a day.

But with this, I would even tell that the need for a dog's body varies from one dog to another because that depends completely on their physical needs.If your dog is sporty and an active one, then, of course, he will need more food than others. So it's important to watch out your dog and accordingly develop up their eating habits.

It's important to feed your pet with the right quantity and quality of food to help them grow in the best manner they may can.

You should never share human food with your pet because that may contain elements which can be toxic for your pet for example potatoes, chocolates, etc.


They have those pretty dark brown eyes that will make you soft at any cost. Bringing home beagle is like bringing home happiness. These dogs have those happy going expressions. They just love going out and enjoying and playing there. They will definitely be an active companion for you and your kid as well because they are too affectionate with kids and family and that's the reason they cannot be left alone for long hours. They are very sensitive so you have to be very kind while dealing with them. Not only to kids or family they will easily become friends with a stranger also. But when it comes to their training I would say that they are very stubborn so to train them you have to be very patient and calm. One more thing if you are planning to house train them then again that will be a bit difficult to do. You have to be very creative while training them. One habit that makes them the best dog is their habit of following the interesting scents and, they are even used for this purpose. They are scent hounds. Last but not the least is their eating habits which you have to be very careful about because if you will leave them to eat then definitely they will over eat and that will create problems for them and will have to face different health issues , and we already know that this breed is prone to health issues so you have to keep special care and you should keep a check over how and what they are eating.


First of all just take care while selecting your pet because there are many dogs sold at the name of beagle so choose a reputed breeder. Now when you have your dog remember you have adopted the social dog so try to keep them among people because they can't be left alone for long. They love action and being sporty so try to keep them active. Yes, another thing is you cannot make them overeat because overeating will spoil their health and behavior. Last but not least keep an eye on bone disorders especially in initial months. Now when it comes to hygiene just make sure you brush their teeth at least two or three times a week. As this is important to brush them on a regular basis so as to avoid any dental consequences. These dogs are prone to dental issues so proper teeth cleaning on a regular basis is very important. The second most important thing is to trim their nails every once or twice a month because in case they are grown up then this will cause inconvenience for them because it will pain them while walking and at times they may start to bleed as well.


The dog should take bath every month at least. Never break the rules or the habit of bathing you develop in them. If by chance you find that they have become too dirty and there is time to next bathing session then you can clean their body with a towel and dry shampoo but never go with the excess wash logic as your excess wash habits can harm them. Another important thing which you should keep in mind while washing your pet is that you should dry their ear well so that there lies no chance of fungal or any other infection.




  • In this condition, the bones don't fit into the hip joint.
  • The dog will have pain and will be low on rear legs.


  • It is caused when a jelly-like inner layer comes out into the spinal canals and they push up against the spinal cord.


  • The gland under the third eyelid bulges out which looks more like a cherry in the corner of the eye.


  • This disease causes blindness in the do
  • It is the habit of a dog to catch sensations that compensate a bit to their blindness.


  • In this disease, an additional row of eyelashes starts growing on the oil gland in your pet's eye.
  • So whenever you find the starting signs immediately take them to the doctor.


  • This happens because of thyroid gland when it goes unbalanced in the body.
  • This even causes symptoms like hair loss, obesity , lethargy and may more skin diseases


  • It can be easily observed with time if you see your dog is not growing accordingly with the age, then, of course, you need a doctor.
  • It is a breed specific disease.


There are two most important things you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy a BEAGLE. First and the most important thing is to approach a reputed breeder because if you are not doing that remember you are on the verge of getting trapped and will be fooled out with a dog of the different breed. No doubt, that there are many beautiful dogs which will give you an illusion of being a beagle but as we know looks is not all that is needed in a pet. So choose your breeder wisely and smartly. Try not getting fooled up from the fake breeders. Last but not the least choose the breeder with your area of interest.
The second thing I believe comes as being an important point of concern is the quality of pedigree and remember only a reputed or a good breeder will only know what is pedigree. Actually quality pedigree means what kind of parents, grandparents, and ancestor that particular pet had, because through that only you will understand the abilities, temperament, and health of that pet, as almost the same traits are passed as hereditary. Basically track record of a quality pup is very important.
Now what mostly happens is that at times we confuse the two important terms PEDIGREE & PUPPY'S REGISTRATION but they are too different. Through pedigree, a reputed breeder can tell you what qualities the pet must have inherited but through registration papers, you identify who are the parents and ancestors of the pup but they will not tell you about the qualities.