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Taking your dog out for a walk isn’t the only fitness routine that you should follow. There are various other things that you can do with your dog that are fun and also contribute to their fitness.

  • They can be your new training partner

Dogs can be your best workout buddies. They never cancel at last minute, they never complain whether its plains or hills or road or park. You can go on a jog and take them along.  They would run at the same speed or even faster. Both the ways, it’s a better workout for you and your dog. It also strengthens the bond. 

  • Dancing

If long walks are not your thing, try dancing with your dog. Dance can be anything freestyle for you and your fur friend running here and there, between your legs. This will be an aerobic workout for both of you. Dancing not only burns calories but also provides better balance and greater stamina.

  • Playing with Frisbee

Playing with Frisbee is a classic workout for your dog. A relaxed game that can be played in the park or your own yard. This will train the dog to be attentive and also build a good relationship with your dog.

  • Good Diet

Not only fitness and playing but also provide your dog with a good diet that has sufficient nutrients which make your dog healthy. Prepare a diet for them which focuses on strengthening their muscles and bones. You can consult a vet if you want to for a balanced diet.

  • Make them disciplined

Your dog should be trained in such a way that when you take their name they understand what you are trying to say. They should be trained and disciplined in such a way that they don’t misbehave.

  • Affection and Love

At last, providing love and affection to your dog is a must. Dogs are our furry friends which understand the language of love and affection like no one else can. Give them as much love as you can.