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You need to stick to the basic as and when it comes to your Dog's hair. From dryer coverings to window squeegees there’s an abundance of family objects that are great at selecting up all that inconvenient fur. Look at some great suggestions for cleaning your dog's hair.

Keep Furniture Fur Free By Using Blankets/Covers

Before we dive into the tips for cleaning up dog hair let's make one thing clear, we all are used to or maybe fans of coverings and sheets. When it comes to keeping pet hair off of your furniture it doesn’t get any easier than tossing a blanket over your couch to keep its fur-free.

The best part is we don't have to resort to the plastic covers that are used for a long time on our pieces of furniture.

Mostly, we all use blankets on our beds where our pets sleep. It makes even more easy for us to wash them instead of keeping our furniture bare. There’s a huge variety of designer couch covers to choose from, and if you’re artful you can head on over to the craft store near you and make some of your own out of your preferred stuff.

  1. Dryer Sheets Are Great At Picking Up Pet Hair

Do you find dog hair everywhere? Do you find yourself having to pick off fur from your clothes every time you leave the house? Need help removing pet hair from your couch? Dryer sheets are the best solution for getting rid of Dog hair.

These work wonders for picking up dog hair on virtually anything.

They can be practically used anywhere, 

  • on furniture, 
  • floor corners,
  • and around all those troublesome baseboards. 

While keeping your furniture clean and hair-free, it is found that using an imperceptibly moistened dryer sheet works miracles.

      2. Use a Roll of Tape to Pick Up Loose Pet Hairs

There have been many times when you head out, and notice hair all over yourself. The best solution? Keep a roll of packing or duct tape by the door for all those moments.

Get a roll of packing tape and maybe keep it in your kitchen drawer that’s used exclusively for snagging dog hair from clothes and furniture. Lint rollers also work — but they do run out much faster.

     3. Dampen & Lightly Sweep Your Carpet Before You Vacuum

If you want to pick up a lot of pet hair off your floor, dampen your carpet and use a rubber broom to roll all the hair into a nice little ball. 

If you want to get rid of some pet odors while you’re at it use a little baking soda on your carpet & let it sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming.

Just be careful to not get your carpet too wet since carpet doesn’t dry quickly, wet carpet is the perfect environment for mold & mildew to grow. Slightly damp rather than soaked, will do the job.

A Few Preventative Steps Can Help Demote Shedding

  • An easy way to reduce shedding is to brush your dog every day. It doesn’t have to be a super long grooming session, but a few minutes will help get rid of a lot of unattached furs. 
  • The Furminator DE shedding tool works amazingly for this. A groomer should be able to recommend the right kind of brush for your dog’s fur type.
  • Regular baths also help to decrease the peeling.
  • Feeding fine quality food can also lessen unnecessary shedding.