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Like human beings dogs also need a vacation which will help them to feel refresh and charged up. The chance of moving out of the house and experiencing a new place can provide them a much-needed bit of mental and physical stimulation that will help them to relive some of the boredom and anxiety of being running around those same walls of the house.

As we get frustrated from the same daily schedule similarly the dogs also feel the same. A short trip for your pet can relieve you and your house from the doggy frustration. Vacations are also a bonding experience.  Spending some quality time with your pup can bring you and him closer and strengthen your relationship stronger. Vacations energize you from Inside, the trip can make you and your pup more active which you can continue after coming back home.

Consult the Veterinarian

It is very that your pet should be healthy enough to travel and have gone through all the vaccinations. Tell about your vacation destination to your vet so that they can tell you the do’s and don’t during the vacation.  It is very important that you should take your pet to the destination which suits to your pets.

Update your Pet Identification

No matter how much care you are, once your eyes are off pets can escape in unknown locations. While preparing for vacations prepare an updated ID tag on his or her collar, including the address of your destination and cell-phone. You can also attach a microchip with your pets. Veterinary clinics, shelters can scan your pet and find out how to reach them. Make sure that your microchip company has your current contact information.

Make a carrier For Your Pet

While you are travelling by bus, train or car. Make a well-ventilated carrier that should be roomy enough so that they can lay, stand and turn around. If your pet is not accustomed to carriers then introduce them a few days before leaving so that they get the habit of it. You can place their favorite blanket and toys in the carrier so that they can take it positively and will try to enter it.

Locate Pet-friendly Accommodations

While planning your vacation trip with your friend it is very important to check whether the place is having a pet –friendly hotel or not. Some hotels have limitations on pets and some may offer special services to pets like dog-walking.

Things to Pack for Pet Vacation

While packing the stuff for your trip these are the few things which are very important to keep for your pet.

  • Pet’s Regular Diet
  • Food and Water bowls
  • Regular Medications
  • Dog Waste Bag
  • Leash and collar
  • Bedding
  • Pet First Aid Kit
  • Proof Of Current Vaccination Status
  • Bottles Water
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Sun Block for pets prone to Sunburn
  • Life Vests for dogs

Know Your Dog

This is actually one of the most important steps. You should know your pet properly whether they are travel freak or not because not all dogs are good travelers. Some get very nervous and anxious when they are in the car for many days and some can travel through planes only. You should have a good idea about your dog's personality and needs, and probably know what will make them uncomfortable while travelling.