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Tips For Cleaning Your Dog's Ear

Tips For Cleaning Your Dog's Ear

Tips For Cleaning Your Dog's Ear

Clean ears are important indicators of your dog’s health, getting that wax, oil dirt out of your pooch's ear forms an integral part of dog grooming. Given the nature of dogs, playing and getting dirty is part and parcel of their lives. Neglecting the health of your dog's ear may in the long run cause ear infections which will become difficult for you and your pooch to handle. If you’re a regular visitor of your dog's groomer, then make sure that your pooch ear is taken care of.

Being a responsible pet owner you should know some basics of ear cleaning so that your pooch doesn’t have to suffer from any ear-related issues.

Getting Comfortable With The Process

The first part of the job is making your pooch and yourself comfortable with the process. Don’t force your dog into this, just be patient and respond to your dog’s reflexes. Don’t rush over things and try to be patient. If at any point your pooch is showing discomfort, stop the process and try again some other time. Your pooch will gradually get accustomed to the whole process. You can use treats to make sure that your pet sits through the whole process

Getting The Right Supplies

The ear is a sensitive part of your dog's body. To ensure that you don’t hurt your dog while cleaning, go for the best quality products available for the job!

You can also consult your veterinarian while choosing ear cleanser for your pooch. Try to avoid cleansers that contain alcohol and hydrogen peroxide as they can cause harm to your dog's sensitive ears.

You can use cotton swabs or pads to clean the outer ridges of the ear but at the same time take care that you don’t put these swabs inside as it may cause permanent hearing damage.

How To Get Started

Firstly carefully examine your dog’s ears and look for any kind of redness or inflammation as it may be caused by some infection. If your dogs itch a lot or if you notice any bad smell straight away contact your vet!

The Process

When your dog’s sitting, gently pull up the flap of his ear and put the ear cleanser inside. Now with your fingers massage the base of his ear.

You can use a towel to prevent any kind of spillage. After that use cotton swabs to clean the outer ear. And Woah! you’re done. Now you can reward your dog’s patience with some treats.

Some dogs, especially those with short ears and not a lot of hair, may only need to have their ears wiped out occasionally when they begin to look dirty. Dogs with floppy ears and those with a lot of hair around the ears should have a more thorough inspection and cleaning at least every other week. Follow these tips and you will become an expert soon. Make this a regular part of your dog’s grooming. This will protect your dog's hearing and will keep infections away from him.