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Cat food is said to be the most mattering cat essential which is demanded by your furry friend.

The availability of the diverse types of cat foods- Dry food, Wet food, Semi-moist food, Raw food, etc. has made serving your cat a much more accessible and less time-consuming task with BonBeno.

Cat food at BonBeno is processed to contain a high nutritional value to ensure that your cat has a healthy shiny coat, improved immunity, cleaner teeth, increased energy, and other health benefits.

Dry Food

These are customarily in the form of dry kibble, flaked cereals, and biscuits. They are much more cost-effective and handy to feed cats analyzed to wet or semi-moist food. It comprises of 3-11% water and is made by cooking under high heat and pressure. Dry kibble can be stored for over a year like Royal Canin, try Me-o Sea Food or Me-o Mackerel and many other dry food products because  they have a much greater shelf-life. They are a reasonable option and prove to be easier to feed your cat.

Semi-Moist Food

Semi-moist foods are usually available in sachets or pouches. The moisture or water content is usually between that of dry and wet foods, i.e., 25-35%. They have more expensive than dry food and cannot be stored as long as dry food. However, they are palatable and are available in the form of chewy, moist pallets.

Wet Food

Wet food contains high dampness content. They are usually cooked under high temperatures and then sealed under pressure. Wet foods have a higher nutritional value than dry food, Check out The Meo Kitten Tuna Gravy. Products like Sheba Fish with Sasami, Bellota Cat Gravy Tuna, this cat food is made using Tuna and Salmon as the primary ingredients to enhance the taste as per the liking of your cat. It has a strong smell that can attract your furry friend while the taste will make him or her love it. 

You should also provide your cat with ample water content in the form of the gravy that helps indigestion. They are usually found in the form of chunks in gravy that are packed in cans, pouches or foil trays. Find these products in different sizes and ranges only on BonBeno.

Raw Food

Raw cat foods are ordinarily food such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc. that are uncooked and available in its raw form. It is mainly sold in the market in three forms, namely; fresh, frozen, and freeze-dried. Raw cat foods are further subdivided to include complete and complementary foods. Cat food in the form of fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried is also suitable options as it is believed to have a higher nutritional value.

Me-O creamy treats are the ideal buy if you wish to reward your cat while playing with him or her. It comprises of all the nutrients for maintaining the overall health of your little friend. 

We already know that there are different types of cat food available in the market. Choose a type that is preferred by your cat. Follow www.bonbeno.com for more food products that will keep your cat healthy and happy.