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Is your beloved Cat seeming a little, well, fluffy? Weight increase is a common issue with cats, especially as they get older and their metabolism slows down. Excess weight can cause and exacerbate health difficulties in your cat, hence it becomes essential to be able to identify when your cat is changing its physical appearance and becoming chubby so that you can take all the necessary steps to reduce the impact on her well-being. read further to know how to tell if your cat is overweight.

  • Firstly just feel along her rib cage. The padding for a healthy cat shouldn't sense any thicker than the padding over the back of your hand. If you feel the need to compress firmly to observe her bones, then your cat might just be overweight. If you are not being able to feel your cat's ribs at all, then your cat might be obese.
  • Scoring the body from 1-5 is another way to know about your cat's body. what you need to do is stand over and look down at your cat while she's standing. If she's a healthy weight, you should see a slight indentation over the hips that resembles a waist, although this might be hard to see if your kitty has long hair. If her sides bulge out instead, then your cat may be on the tubby side. 

Even after these measures, if you don't know what to do, just visit your vet and get a full body checkup of your cat. Valuing the doctor is the most secure way to determine whether your cat needs to lose weight.

Understanding that your cat is overweight is only half the struggle. Let's now look at some tips for your cat's transformation.

Go to the Vet

Any underlying disease that is causing your cat's weight gain, will be identified by the vet and it could be ruled out there and then Guidelines can be provided to you by the expert for how much your cat should weigh and a healthy meal plan to help her get back to her healthy weight.

Control Her Food Intake

While it might seem like a good idea to drastically cut back on the amount of food you give your overweight cat, doing so could be dangerous to her health. For a fat cat, not eating for even two to three days, whether from stress, starvation, or refusal to eat new food, can lead to a serious form of liver disease. It's safer to help your pet lose weight gradually by feeding her a nutritious weight control cat food formula. 

Increase Her Activity Level

Exercising cats is a rare view, so this one is a big deal. There is a huge difference in a dog's activity level and that of a cat's. The best part though is that cats don't need a great deal of exercise for a healthy version. An interactive play of around fifteen minutes is suggested for a healthy life and well being of a cat, engaging her in activities like chasing and leaping after her favorite toy. Provide some opportunities, invest in some great toys, like a tree. A home gym is equivalent to the combination of a cat tree in a cat's life.

Taking the effort to halt and reverse your cat's weight gain will not only improve her state of life but also help to assure she'll be around to snuggle with you for a long time.