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Having a pet can be acceptable for your health. Your pooch walking towards you with a wagging tail, not only makes you happy but encourages you to a strong and healthy life. You have to always go for a walk, no matter the weather. Taking a little more responsibility and changing your schedule a bit for your pooch, won't disturb anyone.

While these traits are heartwarming, we have to draw the line somewhere. We can understand your love for your four-legged friend, but sharing your bed is a bad idea. 

Most households have a dog, and of those dog owners, 50 percent allow their pets to sleep in bed with them. Of the 250 diseases that have been passed from animals to humans, 100 of those diseases came from domestic animals. That betokens your favorites could be carrying some foul diseases like parasites and staph infections.

  • Cat-scratch disease is a serious one that usually occurs when you are scratched by a flea-infested cat. This infection can make you sick and can affect your liver, spleen, and kidneys.

It doesn't matter if your dog/cat scratches you or licks you, Just sleeping next to or being licked by your cat/dog could be enough to pass the disease. You should always double-check if your cat is healthy enough to stay at your place. Then let her sleep in her bed or space in the house.

  • If there are chances that your dog was already infected with a parasite like a roundworm, the parasite's eggs are probably still on his coat. When he cuddles up near you, those eggs could drop off into your bedding and huddle into your skin.
  • You must have compulsorily heard of meningitis outbreaks, breaking out on college campuses where everyone is living in such snug areas. Shockingly your pet could be carrying the infection and sleeping next to him/her is not a good idea till you are sure about the disease and its effects.

In 1985, a 60-year-old woman in the United Kingdom was diagnosed with meningitis after admitting it was found, the disease occurred because of regularly kissing her dog on the mouth. In another meningitis case, a newborn baby was diagnosed after the family cat used the baby's pacifier as a toy. 

I know it doesn't feel very comforting when you hear about not keeping your lovely pets close, but too much licking and physical contact is bad. Anything in surplus is bad, so is this.

  • There are serious staph infections like MRSA which can be passed from animals to humans. Lets first find out, what is MRSA?

It is a bacteria that is repellent to multiple antibiotics, making it complicated to treat. Dogs and cats can carry these bacteria in their mouths and phlegm. A very shocking example is here for you to know how much worse it could get. 

A 51-year-old woman in Japan was diagnosed with a staph infection that began in her ear. Doctors concluded that her dog infected her when she let her dog lick her stitches from recent ear surgery. 

  • If you are suffering from any environmental allergies, make sure your pet doesn't sleep in your room, stay alone in your bed. Not only could you react to your pet's dander and fur, but Fido has been rolling around in who knows what has happened all day. Your dog is bared to allergens like pollen and dust all the time.

Your pet's fur is probably on your sheet and might be on all your clothes so please try to stay healthy and clean with your pet. While of course, this thought of staying a little far is unsettling, but it could also make you sick. 

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