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Your Canine Friend’s Teeth Need Help

Your Canine Friend’s Teeth Need Help

Your Canine Friend’s Teeth Need Help

Dogs love to chew. 

From the usual snacks to the occasional bone, their chewing begins with eating and extends to their recreational activities of playing Fetch too. 

However, this has meant that the development of periodontal disease, discomfort, and tartar buildup, are a big possibility among our beloved dogs. 

Fortunately, dental treats are not only a tasty chew for your dog but also help keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

Here’s how:

  • Eliminates Plaque

When saliva, food particles, and bacteria combine on the teeth, plaque forms. 

If left untreated, plaque mixes with minerals in the mouth to form hard tartar.

Not to worry. 

It has been seen that chewing dental treats can result in as much as 70% less plaque buildup among dogs. Yes, that’s right!

So, if your dog has a plaque issue, it can chomp on the usual treats or go for specialized chemical anti-plaque agent dental treats for greater effectiveness. 


  • Good For The Gums

Dental chews are a safe, and healthy option to put your dog’s chewing passion to good use. 

Your furniture might thank you as well!

Having your dog chew dental treats will increase blood flow to the gums, helping them stay pink and healthy.


  • Reduces Bad Breath

Are you used to turn the other way when your dog comes to you with its tongue out and a desire for slobbery kisses? 

Tartar and plaque buildup cause bad breath among dogs. 

Fortunately, dental treats contain breath fresheners that function in collaboration with chewing to eliminate harmful particles from your canine friend’s teeth.

A failure to address your dog’s bad breath may result in gastrointestinal issues, so you might want to stock up on the dental treats quickly. 


  • Maintains Your Dog’s Dental Health – Effortlessly

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a hectic task. It cannot be done every day. 

However, when unwanted substances are stuck in your dog’s teeth after every meal, dental hygiene becomes imperative. 

What do you do then? 

Give them dental treats! 

The treat is not only tasty, but it removes those harmful substances as well by a great proportion too. Win-win!


The Final Verdict 

Your dog’s dental visits can be quite expensive.

Why not take care of those teeth to avoid any visits to the vet?

Chewing is a very natural habit for your dog. 

You can use dental treats to take advantage of your dog's natural chewing habit to help keep their teeth clean and healthy. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get treating! 

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