OUT! USA Moisture Lock Training Pads 22 X 22 inch

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by ABK
Type: Dog Store

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  • Product type: Training pads (disposable)
  • With an in-built attractant
  • Tear resistant top sheet
  • Super absorbent core with Moisture lock technology
  • Leak-proof bottom layer
  • Turns liquid into gel and locks moisture
  • Odor neutralizers keeps your house smelling good
  • Prevents tracking

Product Description

The Bramton Out! Go Here Dog Training Pads are specially designed to help pet parents with potty training! It has an attractant that draws pups toward it and prompts them to 'go' on the pad. It is also useful for senior pets that do not have strong control over their bladders. Each pad is made from multiple layers with a tear resistant sheet right on top and a leak-proof layer at the bottom. In between, is the super absorbent core that has moisture lock technology, this turns liquid into gel and locks in moisture. Odour neutralisers make sure your home stays smelling fresh.