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Ride Shades DuraPouch - Water Resistant Phone and Storage Pouch for Bicycle

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Bicycling is a brilliant way to get fit while simultaneously enjoying nature and pushing the body's limits. Unfortunately, the average bicycle offers little to no storage space for items such as phones, keys, or wallets, and requires cyclists to carry backpacks or simply store those items in their pockets. These simple storage solutions can cause cyclists to feel restricted and ultimately expose their personal items to the elements resulting in a less then ideal cycling experience.

Ride Shades DuraPouch solves these problems with an attachable compact storage pouch that allows cyclists to safely store their personal items without restriction. Featuring a state of the art waterproof screen protector, Ride Shades DuraPouch lets cyclists interact with their touch screen phone while keeping it protected from the elements at all times. Designed to handle intense excursions, Ride Shades DuraPouch offers the best solution for keeping personal items secured while providing cyclists with the ultimate cycling experience.


✅ NEXT GEN SCREEN PROTECTOR: DuraPouch features a transparent TPU touch screen protector with an incredible 90% touch sensitivity. Cyclists can now interact with their phone on the go without ever having to stop and take it out of it's storage pouch!

 Built with quality PU and EVA waterproof materials, DuraPouch provides the perfect storage for keeping personal items away from the elements. Cyclists can now keep their personal items within reach and protected no matter the weather!

 UNIVERSAL USE: Built with three flexible and tear resistant Velcro straps, DuraPouch is compatible with all types of bike frames. Cyclists can use their DuraPouch on any bike of choice and still enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their items are secured!

 COMPATIBLE WITH MOST PHONES: DuraPouch provides the perfect phone case for the iPhone 14 Pro, 13 Pro, 12 Pro, X, Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7, and so many more. With a 7.09-inch phone pouch, DuraPouch keeps a wide variety of phones secured and accessible!


1. Remove packaging from inside the DuraPouch.

2. Wrap the front Velcro strap around the bike's handle bar frame. Wrap the bottom two Velcro straps around the center frame located directly adjacent to the handle bar frame.

3. Unzip pouch and drop personal items into the bottom of the pouch. 

4. Place smart phone under the screen protector, face up.

5. Zip the DuraPouch shut and blaze your favourite bike trail with complete peace of mind!

We understand how frustrating it is when you are blazing that perfect bike trail only to have your phone fly out of your pocket when you make a hard turn. Bringing your personal items with you can make your biking experience feel restricted and risky. Changing a song or making a quick phone call can completely interrupt your bike ride and can be dangerous to other cyclists. Keeping your personal items within reach while keeping them safe from the elements has never been more important.

With DuraPouch, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face these issues again! DuraPouch is more than just convenient storage space, it provides instant peace of mind knowing that personal items are completely secured and protected no matter how intense that cycling excursion gets. Enjoy a new found convenience that provides direct access to your phone while removing any restriction from enjoying that perfect biking trail!


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