Savic Belgium Picnic Cocker Bowl 700 ml

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by ABK
Type: Dog Store

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  • Product type: Bowl for dogs
  • For long eared dogs
  • Made of plastic
  • Available in assorted colors will be send on the basis of product availability

Product Description

The Savic Picnic Cocker Bowl is especially useful for dogs with long ears. These are designed specially to keep your pet's ears out of their food bowl. The narrow and tall design allows them to eat comfortably and lets their ears fall on either side instead of in the bowl.

Tip: Long eared dogs are prone to ear infections and pet parents need to be extra careful about this. keeping their pet's ears from their food bowls and from training along the ground on walks are two good ways of doing this.

Note: There might be variance in color. Please allow us to choose for you.