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Trixie Germany Scratching Cardboard with Toys White 38 × 30 cm

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by ABK
Type: Cat Store

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  • Product type: Scratching cardboard for cats
  • With toys
  • Available in 2 different colors
  • Horizontal scratching cardboard
  •  Measurements: 48 cm, 25 cm, Height 5 cm, Color Pink
  • Measurements: 38 cm, 30 cm, Height 5 cm, Color White

Product Description

The new star of kitty playtime is this Trixie scratching cardboard that also has toys! Two plastic balls rattle around within, tempting kitty to try and get them. Made with corrugated cardboard, this is a great way to keep your feline busy!

Tip Scratching against vertical or horizontal surfaces is one way of cats exercising themselves. These exercises help them to stay limber and in top form for hunting! So if there is any creepy crawly or rodent in your home, your feline will be in great shape to pounce!