Trixie Germany Slow Feed Bowl for Dogs Anti-slip 23 cm

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  • Great For Food & Water
  • Bulges in the bowl stop food from being gobbled
  • Non-slip due to rubber base ring
  • Concave in the bowl prevent food from being eaten too quickly
  • Dimensions: 0.45 l (20 cm), 0.9 l (23 cm diameter), 1.5 l (27 cm diameter)

Product Description

Prevent to rapid and hasty eating your dog Slow Feed Bowls hasty swallowing of food thanks to the integrated "feeding obstacles" in the bowl to slow eating more aggressive eaters. Bulges in the bowl stop food from being gobbled. Non-slip due to rubber base ring. Size: 0.45 l (20 cm), 0.9 l (23 cm diameter), 1.5 l (27 cm diameter).Reduced risk of abdominal distension, bloat. Veterinarians and tested all kinds of food and water sleek, sturdy design. No tipping of the cup, including rubber ring and dishwasher safe Made of durable plastic material color, depending on availability (blue, red, granite)

Put the dog feed into the bowl! We have the right bowl for every type of feed, every dog, every taste. Made of plastic for dog bars. Here you can find the right product. There are the right containers to store dog feed, too: drums, food bags, snack cans, can cover etc. We also offer a multitude of drinking bottles and travelling bowls when you are on tour.