Trixie Germany Tick plush 24 cm NEW

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by ABK
Type: Dog Store

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  • Product type: Plush toy for dogs
  • Soft/plush toy for dogs
  • Without squeaker
  • We always recommend supervised play
  • Please replace in case of rips or tears
  • Please buy size appropriate toys for your pet
  • Dimension: 24 cm

Product Description

Plush toys are versatile playmates for your pet, they can be tossed, cuddled with and even chomped on! This soundless Trixie plush toy is perfect for snuggles and fits nicely in your pet's bed. When they're feeling more boisterous, this toy is also up for a game of fetch! Plush toys retain your pet's scent and this is what keeps them coming back for more.

Tip Plush toys retain your dog's scent, this is why many dogs get attached to them. If you are going on holiday or moving to a new house, carry a plush toy with you - the familiar scent will help your dog feel safer.