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Tuffy & Winter Durable Dummy Knotted Cotton Rope Toy, Colour Varies - 8 in

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Product description

Rope toys are a must-have for every dog's play basket since they provide hours of entertainment. It's excellent for tug of war or fetch games. Dogs like chewing on it, and while they do so, the thread strands remove plaque from their teeth. Cotton yarn was used to make this toy, which makes it simple to clean. The eco-friendly, machine-washable cotton used to make the cotton rope toys. They are completely safe for your pet they don't smell strange, don't include any plastic or rubber, and won't do any harm to your pet's teeth or gums.

About this item

  • When used as small dog teething toys and puppy chew toys for teething, they are tough like dog bones but won't harm your dog's teeth. They will keep your dog entertained and occupied for months rather than just a few days or weeks.
  • Our rope dog chew toys are manufactured by twining cotton and polyester threads, and they are further knotted for increased strength, durability, and safety.
  • Dental cleaning is made easier by the friction created when your dog chews on a toy made of braided cotton and polyester thread. Additionally, it supports the gums' and teeth's natural development.
  • Great Entertainment and fun Every dog enjoys playing and having fun with its human parent, and our rope chew dog toys make that possible. These toys may be used for training or fun both indoors and outside. Strengthening the link between the dog and owner by meeting the dog's natural wants.
  • Our Rope Dog Chew Toys can keep them occupied when you are not around and will also give comfort when they are feeling anxious. Dogs have a natural drive to chew, and they may chew for hours. Breeds of medium and big dogs are suitable.