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Tuffy & Winter Monster Bungee & Tennis Ball, Colour Varies, 12-in

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Product description

Dogs loves to chew especially when they are puppies, the teeth start growing making them feel addictive to bite anything that is chewable. It is very advisable to give your dog a chewable toy to make sure that they don't chew your valuables like shoes, pillows, etc. This chew toy apart from helping your dog by acting as its prey, will also help you have a great time with your pet playing throw and fetch. The scented flavor is sure to test the sniffing sense of your dog to its core when you hide this toy from it.

About this item

  • Great Combination of dog rope toys(single carrot, corn stick and knot dumbbell), meet daily needs, and we are sure that your dogs will love these toys.
  • Outstanding Quality. These chew toys are made of thick and tight cotton ropes which are non-toxic and durable, absolutely safe for your dogs.
  • Do Exercise: Play catch or tug of war games with your four legged friends, it will bring you two closer together, and your dogs should be more happy and healthy.
  • Extra Large size rope toys, specially designed for small, medium and large dogs, keep your dogs busy and not be bored any more.
  • Our toys are durable or indestructible. The rope was soft it should do relief to dogs' teeth.